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Day 9 - Be seen to be seen at the Bean Scene cafe!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

I do believe today is the day that I blow up my bed! You see it’s becoming very infirm to the point that I am now starting to slide towards the edge of the bed with the possibility that one more ‘turn-over’ could find me flat on my face on the floor! A job for Maice and I to do later together with cleaning the ceiling skylights! Of yes, it’s not all fun on this holiday!

We were awake at 5am, finished the blog and lo-and-behold we published it at 6.36am! Myrna will be most pleased when she wakes up to find it ready and waiting for her to read and, as she always does, will blow up and inspect every photo! No wonder we’re selective in the photos we post….they have to pass the Myrna test else they’ll be subject to critique! That’s mother’s for you!

We checked the weather app before we left and you will not believe it. The temperature had taken a downward turn to a mere 9 degrees forcing us to undertake a quick regroup around the breakfast table to determine a) what to wear…..short sleeves, long sleeves, short legged, long legged b) how much hotter it would get… was very misleading as the sky was a vivid blue and it was sunny c) do we take a bag and d) which route to take? Decisions, decisions! We stuck a hand out of the door to test the temperature and yes the app was correct, so clad in long-sleeved tops and cardigans and our cut-offs that exposed our legs we ventured forth, turned left and headed towards the park. The temperature was just like we’d experienced in Crete back in May of this year; there’s cold, chilly cold and cold cold and this was cold, cold! We tried to warm up by fast walking and keeping out of the shade and after some forty minutes we could see the Bean Scene cafe in sight. Honestly, we felt like Sir Winston when he races towards his favourite cafe the Oasis at Bowleaze! We were soon sat in the sunshine, with our cappuccino’s dog sitting for Sparky, this most gorgeous, laid-back dog whose owner had popped inside for a take-away. She was good as gold and didn’t want to leave us when her owner came out.

We walked through the gardens to the waterfront and looked out over the lake which was like a mill-pond and headed back home. We came across this man standing on the side-walk wearing what looked like was a kilt and when we walked past him he was indeed wearing a kilt and on his van was the name of the business….’Men in kilts window cleaning company’! Shouldn’t want to walk beneath him when he’s up a ladder as you may get more than you bargained for!

Back home we promptly set to work to undertake the cleaning of the skylights embedded in the ceilings. The step-ladder was extricated from the basement, hauled up the stairs and manoeuvred through the house to the outside hallway. We struggled a bit to remove them as they’re quite flimsy but after moving the step-ladder into position a number of times we managed to remove both skylights and traipsed around the back to hose them down, sat them in the sun to dry then tackled the other skylight in the kitchen/diner. This was much easier to extricate but was long and bendy so had to take care not to whack Maice on the head, who incidentally was the one up the ladder. We’d just finished cleaning everything and on the verge of taking the ladder back to the basement when Myrna announced there was another skylight that needed to be removed and cleaned in the bathroom. Carefully manoeuvring the ladder into the bathroom we soon realised this was a two-ladder job. It was a tight squeeze to fit two ladders and us into the bathroom but we did it and removed another bendy skylight from the ceiling. Whilst we were manoeuvring our ladders we’d got Myrna following us with the vacuum cleaner busy hoovering up after us. Honestly, I’m sure we’d make great contenders for the next Carry-On film such was the coming and goings with our ladders, our toing-and-froings in and out of the house and being chased by a vacuum cleaner! When everything was put back together we stood back to admire our handiwork. Hey, High5 to us. M&A Cleaning Specialists at your Service……..and look, not a kilt in sight!

After brunch we were meeting up with T&D (minus the D), Kerris and Katana for our spa treatment. Myrna, Maice and myself (the 3M’s)were booked in for 1pm whilst the other three were booked in an hour later. Before our spa session we went to visit a very nice clothes shop where Maice purchased a lovely pair of ‘air-conditioned’ boots in ecru, a colour not commonly associated with Maice at all and a black winter t-shirt then we headed off to the spa. Myrna was having a pedicure and her toes painted whilst Maice and I were having the hot-stone reflexology. It was bliss and oh so relaxing to the point where Maice literally fell asleep and was lightly snoring. I know this because I was there in the same room! It started off having an oil being massaged over your face, a hot stone being placed on one’s forehead and then a light towel being placed over the head and eyes. Then they started to work on one’s feet and lower legs. There’s nothing more satisfying than lying on a massaged bed in a darkened room, breathing in aromatherapy aromas and listening to soft zen music and having a) one’s feet being manipulated, kneaded and massaged b) one’s lower legs being manipulated, kneaded and massaged with hot stones and c) hot stones being placed between one’s toes and wrapped in hot towels. It was all so relaxing, it was bliss and just what our poor feet were in need of after all the morning walks we’ve subjected them to!

We 3M’s retired to the hotel bar next door, selecting a table overlooking the outdoor pool where we enjoyed a glass of wine, a Caesar and a lemonade for Myrna. When the others arrived we headed off to the Mung Thong, a Thai restaurant where we enjoyed a simple Thai meal, took a doggy-bag and headed off back to Myrna’s for cocktails.

We pondered over the origin of the doggy-bag and found an answer via Google…..where else! So a doggy-bag is….. a) a bag used by a restaurant customer or party guest to take home leftover food, supposedly for their dog and b) a doggy-bag most likely derives from a pretence that the diner plans to give the food to a pet, rather than eat it themselves….however, in the last decade or so the term ‘doggy-bag’ has completely disappeared and been replaced with the ‘to go box’. So hey, who knew!

Back at Myrna’s, Tara Terror proceeded to empty the contents of her bag onto the breakfast bar to reveal a stash of liquor and other ingredients and proceeded to make ‘Shaft’ cocktails, a heady concoction of Vodka, Kahlua, Irish cream and Iced coffee, shaken over ice in Myra’s cocktail shaker. We drank them in tall glasses listening to Isaac Hayes singing to the Theme tune of Shaft……Awesome! We drank our cocktails and chatted about the upcoming events in our ‘spreadsheet’. We’ve got a busy time ahead, tomorrow we’re off to T&D’s for games night which we’re really looking forward to.

The ‘party owls’ that we are we were in our beds by 10pm……another early night for us! Honestly, there’s so much to do we need to get our beauty sleep….!

On that note, its goodnight from ‘M’ and it’s goodnight from ‘A’ xx

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