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Day 15 - Is it raining? We hadn’t noticed!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Due to our paddle-board experience on Lake Okanagan yesterday we felt it necessary to go to bed with an ibuprofen and paracetamol in order to reduce the aches and pains we were suffering, in the hope that when we woke up this morning we’d be aches and pain free. Unfortunately Maice’s back was still sore and aching and my legs and hips felt like bruising was imminent!

At 08.50am, the latest we’ve headed out, we set off for our last morning walk to the Bean Scene Cafe. It was fairly cold and the sky was grey, a mixture of cloud cover and drifting smoke from recent forest fires not just from America but most recently, yesterday in Hope, British Colombia, less than 200 miles away from Kelowna. We’d just stepped out of the driveway when it started to spit with rain, only lightly though, nothing that we needed to return to the house and get changed for or to collect our umbrellas, until that is we were five minutes into our walk and realised we were actually getting rather wet! I’m sure this wasn’t forecast for today! However, not to be deterred by a spot of rain, considering we got more wet yesterday, we walked to the Guischican gardens again, mainly to see if we could spot the black squirrel and maybe photograph him. We saw him and he saw us but he obviously didn’t want to be photographed as he kept hopping away and all we could capture was his tail!

We were very disappointed when we arrived at the Bean Scene Cafe for our last cappuccino because a) it was raining so we had to sit inside b) we couldn’t partake in our usual pastime of people watching which we always did when sat outside and c) we were served our cappuccino’s not in the usual green cups but in paper cups instead! Fortunately for us the taste of the coffee wasn’t compromised and we did enjoy them particularly as they were actually hotter than usual. After our coffee we needed a few more bits and pieces to purchase so walked down to the Strip Mall, purchased said ‘bits and pieces’ then walked home for the last time in the rain both looking a tad bedraggled!

After a lovely brunch Myrna, Maice and I went to the Shopping Mall as I wanted to take something back I’d bought the other day. We enjoyed a Starbucks coffee and then went for the very last time to a consignment store we’d missed last time, with both Maice and I purchasing some items of clothing whilst Myrna sat in the car reading the new book she’d just purchased. I’m surprised she hadn’t finished it by the time we surfaced from the store, we’d been in there that long!

Back home Maice and I started the unenviable process of packing our cases. It’s not our favourite pastime but at least its easier when you’re going home, although we are going home with much more than when we arrived. When we came out here our suitcases were half empty, now they were full to the brim, although saying that I’m sure they’ll still only weigh about 18 kilos. After a quick spruce up we set off to Joey Kelowna, a restaurant on Highway 97 where we met T&D and Kerris for our last meal out. Justin, our very handsome, polite and attentive waiter looked after us very well throughout the evening. ‘Did you enjoy your appies’ he asked us….? Say what? Hey, back in the UK we call them starters, over here they call them appies, abbreviated for appetisers. Anyway, the answer was yes, we enjoyed our ‘appies’ and we enjoyed our main courses too all washed down with wine, sangria, caesars and espresso martinis! Delicious.

It’s been a lovely last evening spent with family. We can’t believe we’ve been here for two weeks already and we’re off home tomorrow. We’ve an early start in the morning as we need to be at the airport for 7.30am. The sandwiches are made, the bags are packed…..all we need now is to set our alarms. But before we do that we want to give a big shout out to our very good friend Andrew who celebrates his birthday today, Monday 12 September. Happy Birthday Andrew, wishing you a day full of happiness 🎉 🍾.

Night all and see you in the UK……M&A xx

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