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Day 7 - Is there a storm a-comin’?

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Due to the inclement weather we thought a lie-in was in order and didn’t get down to breakfast until just after 8.30pm. Well, where did all these people spring from and are they all staying at this hotel we wondered. There were very few empty tables so we sat outside but inside, if you get my drift and it was a tad chilly. Honestly, we wish this storm would come, do what it has to do and then go, clear the air and bring out the sunshine. Apparently the other side of the island has been experiencing very stormy weather so I think the mountain between us and the other side of the island has a lot to do with keeping the storm at bay.

Today we‘re going to hire two bicycles, cycle around the Aliki salt lake, cycle to the next resort of Marmari for maybe lunch then cycle along the beach road in Tigaki to see where it takes us. Of course before we ventured forth on our two wheelers we popped into Ipanema for our daily frappes and met Metal Mickey, a nonagenarian, who doesn’t look a day over 79! He’s from my neck of the woods, the Wirral, Hoylake to be precise and he’s recuperating after an operation on his shoulder ten weeks ago. Apparently they call him Metal Mickey as he’s got pins in his knees, pins in his hip and now in his shoulder…….we’d hate to think what happens when he goes through security at the airport. Funnily enough he’s staying at the Kalloudis Apartments just up the road from us, opposite the Chinese restaurant and with the bakery behind! Just sayin’! Apparently his wife goes off cycling every day and even cycled to Kos Town the other day…..he didn’t say how old she was but she must be pretty fit and healthy if he’s 90!!

We said our goodbyes to Metal Mickey and went to the bicycle hire shop. When we enquired the other day they showed us the bicycles at the front of the shop. The brand new bikes which they only purchased a few weeks ago and cost 10 euros per person per day and displayed on the front row in the shop. Last years models which cost just 5 euros a day and looked practically brand new were displayed on the second row. These are the bikes we thought we were getting. But no, not M&A. Our bikes were brought from the back of the shop and didn’t look half as nice as those at the front, in fact they looked at least ten years old! Trust us to get the bikes with only three gears and a very bad turning circle. Maice had to have her seat lowered to the lowest point so her feet could reach the pedals and mine was hired so my knees weren’t too bent whilst pedalling. As we’re ‘go with the flow’ people we hopped onto our bicycles, wobbled a bit as we set off along the road and made it to ‘Amy Winehouse’ where we needed to rendezvous and discuss our next move! We had our new selfie stick with us which we hadn’t quite gotten the hang of yet so we needed to practice using it. Seems most of the photos we took with it were either pointing the other way or all you could see in the photos was the selfie stick itself which we’re sure isn’t the point of having a selfie stick.

We found an area between the beach and the salt lake and practiced taking videos with it with us on our bicycles. We must have spent at least forty minutes trying to perfect the art of video making but to be honest there are a lot more outtakes than there are quality videos. Ah well, we had fun making them and no doubt amused our fellow tourists. We would like to state that no bicycle was harmed in the making of these videos!! The sky had by now turned black. The cloud was shrouding the mountain right down to the fields and it had turned very muggy. You could certainly feel it in the air….yes, most definitely there’s a storm a-comin!

We cycled around the lake which looked very different from when we walked around it the other day. It was very tranquil, the water was translucent and looked quite ethereal, it was lovely……just a shame there were no flamingos to see! We cycled on to Marmari but were very disappointed when we eventually arrived. It was literally like a ghost town and we expected to see tumbleweed blowing down the middle of the roads. It was all very strange. We were hoping to find a taverna for lunch but all we came across were a few mini-markets and a taverna that was closed so we regrouped and decided to make our way back to Tigaki, park the bicycles at the hotel, go for lunch then collect the bikes and head out along the beach road to see where it took us. We were merrily cycling along the banks of the salt lake, me in front, Maice some way behind when all of a sudden I heard a yell and a commotion and turned around to see that Maice had got herself stuck in a muddy rut and fallen off her bicycle. Fortunately she sustained no injuries, but I think her pride was dented as she only went and fell off in front of two walkers!

For lunch we thought we’d try the fancy new restaurant next to the bus stop on the beach but the chairs didnt have cushions on them and although they had the look of being comfortable they were very prickly on the legs so we went back to Dana and enjoyed our usual, Greek salad and a Mythos beer. After lunch we cycled along the beach road to see what was ‘happening’ along there which was not a lot. There were a number of hotels and a few bars and tavernas which were quite spaced out but the further you went along the road the more remote it seemed to become. We’re very glad we chose the Tropical Sol as our holiday hotel and even though its in the centre of Tigaki and it’s on the main road it’s very quiet.

We returned our bicycles to the shop and made our way to Ipanema for our afternoon fix of Aperol Spritz which after our adventures on our pushbikes we felt was very well deserved.

Back at the hotel after a short siesta we surveyed our daily photos. We had to laugh. The efforts to which we went to to try and video our cycling antics was hilarious and we ended up crying with laughter. Ah, the things you do for amusement when you’re on holiday!!

Tonight instead of turning right out of the hotel towards the beach we’re going to turn left and find a taverna further along the road. We came across Aliada where the service was good and the food was very extremely tasty and very reasonably priced. Since we’ve been in Kos Maice has been learning some words and phrases in Greek and it’s her ‘job’ to ask for the bill when we’re out. She’s doing really well although she seems to be having trouble remembering just these few phrases and more often that not adds in her own ‘made up’ words much to the amusement of the waiters. At the moment her favourite word is λοιπόν, ‘so’ which she is now using everywhere we go! Everyone appreciates it when we speak Greek so I would say to anyone going abroad, it doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at a language, the locals really appreciate your efforts.

After supper we thought we’d enjoy a cocktail at our hotel bar and chat to Nikos which is exactly what we did. We also got chatting to Lutz who’s from Berlin. He’s a ‘guitardoc’ who makes, repairs and plays guitar and likes walking in the wildness, being at one with nature. He walked to the mountain village of Zia which we had considered doing because according to google maps it would take an hour and a half to get there. According to Lutz it took him two an a half hours to get there and he is as he says, a fast walker. So, we were fortunate we didn’t do that walk as the only footwear we have are our flip-flops and Dr Martin sandals….not the most practical footwear for a walk up a mountain!

After our cocktails and complimentary Metaxa we made our way back to our room. It’s close to midnight and something evils lurking in the dark……..yes, t’was a pile of ants on the bedroom floor which we quickly disposed of down the toilet. Well, they had to go somewhere…….!

On that note καληνύχτα until tomorrow….

M&A xx

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1 Comment

Jane Hansford
Jane Hansford
May 24, 2023

Glad the bike ride went without too much of an incident! Was a bit concerned when I read that’s what you were going to d !!🤣🤣 Hope your pride is not too dented today Maice and that your head is better Angela🤭 x

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