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Day 10 - It’s a 2 x ‘Berrocca’ sort of day….!

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

We woke this morning feeling a little light headed and Celine Dion’s lyrics kept swirling around our heads……..🎼 We just have to admit 🎼 that it's all coming back to us now!! Ah yes, it seemed we enjoyed quite a bit of alcoholic beverage throughout the day yesterday, which as not huge drinkers, and being in the sun, and drinking during the day seems to have had such an effect on us that two ‘Berocca’s’ each were required in order to kick-start the day!

Before we flung open the balcony doors to assess the day’s weather we carried out a post-mortem of yesterdays proceedings which we believe went something like this….

  • We enjoyed an Apetol spritz for lunch instead of our usual Mythos

  • We drank a bottle and a quarter of wine on the balcony whilst playing gin-rummy

  • We enjoyed a miso kilo giraffe of wine plus a large complementary ouzo during our supper at Oneiro

  • I drank, and enjoyed 3 x gin fizzes at the hotel bar

  • Maice thoroughly enjoyed her 1 x Aperol Spritz and 2 x Metaxa 12 brandy, also at the bar

  • All the above was followed by 2 x large Ouzos for the road!

  • We were just thankful we didn’t have far to travel far to get to our room….just 150 steps!

  • We recall moi, attempting to Greek dance with this other lady round the bar but with my Dr Marten sandals being so heavy they were hampering my fancy footwork!

  • And talk about lost in translation with Ingrid, Ingrid and Julie (predictive text, should be Ulli). Ingrid asked us how old we were and Maice, being under the influence said 66. Well, they thought she was ‘amazing’ and very youthful for her age until she said it was the year that she was born! Of course we had to mention that not only was it the year Maice was born but England did win the World Cup against Germany…….you know, just sayin!

Talking about nationalities our hotel is predominantly full of German guests, us English and Canadians being a very small minority but actually we prefer it that way. I mean let’s face it, we can talk to English people any day of the week when we’re at home so it’s nice to befriend and chat to other nationalities. So far this holiday we’re met Germans, Swiss, Danish, French Canadians, a Russian who was working in Gregorys Taverna and an Albanian in the form of Nikos, the hotel bartender.

Despite our fragility this morning we flung open the balcony doors with gusto on this, our penultimate day in resort to be greeted by lovely blue skies, it was sunny, the air was warm and there was just a little titter of a breeze….it was gorgeous.

Breakfast was the usual; yoghurt, dates, apricots, prunes, boiled eggs and lovely fresh bread. Well, at least we‘re keeping ourselves regular!

After our day of ‘going off-piste’ yesterday we reverted back to type; we selected the same sun-beds around the pool, we ordered our frappes from Terry, we sunbathed, we swam, we changed into our ladies that lunch outfits and pottered down to Gregorys Taverna for our Greek salad and Mythos beer. We were handed our ‘cushy-cushy’ cushions to put on our seats and as I manoeuvred mine into place under my derrière I got a splinter from the chair which embedded itself under my nail. To say it was painful was an understatement and to make matters worse my right eye was once again sore and watering so I now had two things to contend with. I managed to get half of the splinter out but the other half is still wedged under the nail so how that’s going to come out is anyone’s guess. If anyone has any tips, then please let me know!! Medical issues aside we enjoyed a lovely Greek salad which was well dressed with olive oil and enjoyed a ‘Mythos Cappuccino’. I call it this due to the way in which Maice pours the beer into our glasses which creates more froth than beer!! Honestly, she’s got no idea how to pour a beer, instead of tilting the glass to prevent the froth forming she just pours it from a height into a straight up glass!!

After our final afternoon sunbathing session around the pool we returned to the room and indulged in a spa beauty treatment courtesy of Temple Spa’s gold face mask and Liz Earls eye sooother. We looked very glam, our faces covered in gold and sporting two cotton wool eye patches!! After an hour of lying still on our beds we showered and now looking totally gorgeous we sat on the balcony admiring the view of the sea and the fields, finished our last bottle of wine and chatted to Ingrid, Ulli and Ingrid who just happened to be sat on their balconies opposite us.

For one last time on this holiday we glammed ourselves up and took ourselves off to Vasilis Taverna for our final supper, which was totally delicious…..feta crust in honey for starters which were absolutely delicious followed by grilled squid for me and village pizza for Maice, and of course our miso kilo of wine. We were stuffed and after we’d promenaded ourselves up and down the Main Street to get some steps in we ended up at the hotel bar. After our ‘late night’ last night we were actually really tired and had to literally force our drinks down us and actually took our giraffe of wine away with us to drink back in the room. Well we would have had I not kicked it over when we’d stopped for some photo opportunities on the stairs!! Spilt all over the floor it did with just a few drops left in the jug! Ah well, it was probably for the best.

Λοιπόν, we’d like to this opportunity to give a great big ‘Woof-Woof’ to Geordie, Sir Winston’s BFF and Jane and Mike’s gorgeous black Labrador who is celebrating his 12th Birthday today. He’s obviously anticipating lots of treats as is Winston who both seem to be looking longingly at the photo-taker in anticipation……! So, to a very special doggy…….have a very Happy Birthday 🥰 xx


Μ&Α xx

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Jane Hansford
Jane Hansford
May 27, 2023

Glad you had a good day celebrating it as well! 🤣🤣

May 27, 2023
Replying to



Jane Hansford
Jane Hansford
May 27, 2023

Geordie says thanks for your birthday wishes 💕

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