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Day 5 - Festival goers……who us!

Due to our ‘late night’ last night we woke up later which meant our walking schedule was out by an hour and a quarter. We set out on our ‘early’ morning walk at 7.15am, the cool morning breeze was refreshing and certainly put a spring in our step. We stopped at the Abbott Street Cafe for our usual morning cappuccino, which unlike the previous days cappuccino’s which packed a punch, this one was rather mellow. Nice though. We returned to base, having walked over 10,000 plus steps then engaged in a 20 minute ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ session, enjoyed a late breakfast, put some washing in, sorted out the blog, updated the spreadsheet and then deliberated what to wear to the ‘Denim on the Diamond’ Country & Western festival. The weather forecast predicates a temperature of some 36 degrees so it’s going to be hot, hot, hot. Sunscreen and hats are most definitely a must. We don’t want a repeat of the other day!

Tara Terror and Dave (T&D) were driving over to us at 2.30pm and then at some point we were heading off to the Festival so we had a few hours to spare before they came. Myrna, who was eagerly awaiting the publishing of our Day 5 blog kept asking repeatedly if it was ‘ready yet’ so we felt compelled to use our spare time with writing, sorting photos, uploading, downloading and finally publishing the blog. As we explained, all good things come to those that wait and on this occasion she would just have to wait until it was finished. As we say, you just can’t hurry perfection!!

Maice and I had been in a dilemma deciding what to wear to the festival so we regrouped in the ‘Chinese laundry’ to consider our options. Do we go for a) shorts b) a short dress c) a long dress or d) trousers (pants in the Canadian language). Not being festival people it was difficult to decide, plus we had to factor in the weather. It was going to be hot, it was in town, albeit outdoors, there would be no breeze and people would be packed into the venue thus adding to the soaring temperature. We were definitely in a dilemma. During the afternoon we noticed that an orange haze had coloured the sky and the outside temperature had began to lower. The local news reported that wildfire smoke was drifting in from the Cascade Mountains, east of Seattle, USA some 310 miles away. Apparently the fire started from a lightning storm, has already burned 3,500 acres of forest and the smoke was drifting far and wide. It certainly lowered the temperature which made our decision of what to wear a bit easier. I wore shorts and Maice wore her cotton dress. Sorted!

T&D arrived just after 4.30pm, we had a few drinks before we left then Myrna dropped us off at the venue. Laden down with our chairs we made our way inside, found a suitable spot to ‘make camp’ then headed off to the bar. To be fair, neither Maice or I had any idea who were playing but all the artists who took to the stage today seemed fine, although we both concurred that Country and Western music has changed since the days of Dolly Parton, Pasty Cline and Johnny Cash!!! The headliners made some noise, played their instruments and they were loud, but hey, that’s what festivals are all about. T&D seemed to know everyone who was there so whilst they were mingling we headed off to the food trucks, ordered ourselves some Poutine, took it back to our seats and oh, it was so delicious. Yum.

We had a chat with some of T&D’s friends during the evening and before we knew it the concert had finished, we packed up and headed off to the Train Station, a pub just around the corner where we waited for Myrna to come and collect us. She wasn’t arriving for another hour thus giving us the opportunity to drink more and eat more; Sangria, beer, wine, shrimp tacos, ribs, double cheese nachos you name it we had it. Back at Myrna’s we had a few more drinks and can you believe this, my wine was served in a glass with a thumb hole. Honestly, no kidding. It’s an indent in the glass where you place your thumb, so instead of a stem its an indent. Well, I’ve never seen a drinking glasses like it before so am definitely going to purchase some whilst I’m here. T&D were eventually collected by their daughter Kerris, which is just as well as Maice and I had fallen asleep in the ‘sleeping’ chairs in the lounge (living room to those Canadian readers)!

We really enjoyed our day at the ‘Denim on the Diamond’ festival and spending time with T&D. We’ve laughed and cried, we’ve bonded over the double cheese nachos and a good time was had by all. So, a big shout out goes to T&D for inviting us and letting us spend some quality time with them. It’s been great……🥰

On that note, a very sleepy M&A are saying ‘night all’ and be in touch tomorrow…..xx

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