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Day 3: Christmas Day - Just going with the flow…..!

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

We made our way up to bed on Christmas Eve night, Maice to the yellow bedroom, me and Winston negotiating the rickety staircase up to the off-white bedroom where Winston deposited himself on the bed and didn’t surface until 06.30am when I had to take him out to do his ablutions…..then we came back and he went straight back to bed. My bed! Oh well, let sleeping dogs lie and I suppose as long as they’re asleep they’re not getting up to any mischief!

The Christmas Day plan was to enjoy a leisurely day, take it easy and just ‘go with the flow’, our first ‘flow’ being day 25 of Yoga with Adrienne’s Yoga Flow series. We laid out our yoga mats on the library floor and ooh’d and aah’d our way through twenty minutes of stretching and manipulating our limbs into unseemly positions then hopped into the power-shower to rejuvenate our aching limbs and in Maice’s case her aching back!

I was on breakfast duty, catering for us adults whilst Maice was catering for Sir Winston, making sure his every whim was taken care of! The champagne was poured, the champagne and orange infused smoked salmon was served on a bed of cheese laden scrambled egg accompanied by two slices of buttered toast. It may not be quite a Michelin Star breakfast but it was good enough for us and it was rather yummy

It was such a lovely day, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and we wanted to make the most of it so consulted the 30 Walks of Weobley book for some walking routes and plumped for walk no. 23 a 5.75 miles circular walk around the village. All suited and booted we set off, striding purposefully across the fields, following the directions as per the book. To be honest we didn’t know if we’d started the walk the correct way or if we were doing the walk in reverse order, we couldn’t quite work it out so we forwent the directions and decided to direct ourselves through intuition, following the directional arrows on the gateposts. Considering our track record we did extremely well and made it back home without actually getting lost. We were however rather muddy and as for Winston his undercarriage was completely covered in mud. There was nothing for it, he needed a dip in the shower along with our muddy trousers. Poor love. He’s not a lover of water and looked very forlorn as he stood in the bath being hosed down with the shower. As soon as we‘d dried him off he sought refuge under the blankets on the sofa and promptly fell asleep.

Winston’s muddy clothes along with ours ended up in the washing machine which miraculously we managed to work straight away and with that little bit of success we retired to the lounge before lunch to open our Christmas presents. How very exciting! Lunch was a fine affair (!)…..Maice’s home made apple cake covered with brandy cream, pieces of cheese, a scotch egg and a baileys coffee, yes we certainly know how to dine well. To be honest we were quite stuffed after lunch and could have done with a bit of a doze but there was our social admin to do, a blog to write and the Kings Speech to watch…….King Charles that is, not the movie! For the rest of the afternoon we sat at the kitchen table doing ‘stuff’ before taking Winston out for another walk in the early evening. Our Salmon-en-croute Christmas dinner was cooking in the oven and once back from our walk it was just a matter of cooking the veg, pouring the champagne, pulling our christmas crackers and sitting down at our festive table wearing our Christmas hats for our long awaited Christmas dinner, and even though the carrots may have been a tad water-logged we ate every morsel. Delicious!

We retired once again to the lounge to watch Ghosts, which of course was on BBC1, the only channel we can get on the TV, poured ourselves a Baileys, watched Waking Ned on the DVD and promptly fell asleep. No idea what went on…..something to do with a lottery ticket I believe! Before we retired to our beds we took Winston out for his last wee of the day, FaceTimed our friend Abigail who had obviously FaceTimed us when we’d fallen asleep and eventually made our way up to our bed……me being followed up the rickety staircase by my new bff Sir Winston!

It’s been a lovely restful Christmas Day. We’ve gone with the flow, we’ve done what we’ve wanted to do, when we’ve wanted to do it and its been great. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve tried to sing and dance, we’ve done Christmas our way and enjoyed every minute. It’s even been sunny, what more could we wish for. Well okay, I wish Milly was here with me, but if that was the case no doubt she and Winston would be fighting like cat and dog! I’m sure she’s having a lovely time with Alison at Purrfect Cattery.

We hope your Christmas has been as entertaining as ours has been…….

Merry Christmas…….M&A and Sir Winston 🎄


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27 dic 2022

Glad you had such a lovely Christmas Day. Beautiful photos. Love to you both and Sir Winston 🥰🥰

Me gusta
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