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Day 6: Is it Wednesday already?

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

We enjoyed a leisurely morning, not surfacing from our boudoirs until 10.00am although Winston was taken out to do his early morning ablutions at 7am and then had a lie-in until 11.00am when we eventually made it outdoors. We were on a mission today. We needed to a) complete yesterdays blog b) complete the Treasure Trail around Weobley c) go for a long walk with Winston d) sort out our 2023 diaries e) make use of the facilities and do our washing f) shower and hair wash g) pack and h) re-arrange the furniture to how it was when we arrived. Not much to do then! No worries, we’ll take it all in our stride!

Before we could even contemplate doing any of the above we completed Day 28 of Yoga with Adrienne, enjoyed a breakfast consisting of smoked salmon infused with beetroot and edible gold served on a bed of very cheesy scrambled eggs and a buttered bagel, donned our wet weather gear as it was precipitating slightly and headed out to complete the Treasure Trail challenge. We read the clues, re-read the clues, deliberated, re-read the clues again, took photos of the ‘evidence’ and decided that due to the inclement weather and the fact that the paper was getting rather soggy and illegible we’d complete the challenge at the kitchen table. As we were still out we continued on our walk around the fields of Weobley, in the rain, much to the disgust of Winston who was getting wetter and more muddier the further into the fields we went. Ah, if looks could kill…..! After an hour of walking through the quagmire we returned to the village and found a restaurant that was actually open. We popped in for two take-away cappuccinos and made our way home where Winston took himself off to bed. We however, sat around the kitchen table and proceeded to work out the clues we’d gathered from the treasure trail. Honestly, considering these treasure trails are ‘for young detectives and budding spies to adults who never grew up’ it took us over an hour to work them out and we’re two intelligent women! We finally submitted our answers and hey, guess what, we got it right. We found where the treasure was hidden. Mind you if we’d got it wrong we’d have been mortified, considering how much time we spent working out the clues! We toasted our success with a blue Gin and tonic that turns pink when you add tonic, and very nice it was too!

Next to tick off the list was the washing, us and our clothes. A few loads of washing went in, we went for our showers, did our hair and returned to the kitchen table refreshed ready for supper and our evening beverage of Prosecco. On the menu tonight; a cheese selection of baked Camembert, Brie, Gorgonzola, Edam and Cheddar accompanied by a very expensive tin of Canadian Tuna and ice wine glazed wild smoked salmon, also Canadian and eaten with garlic bread and a selection of biscuits for cheese. Yes, it’s some concoction and I’m sure the Masterchef judges would be mortified by this selection but if it’s what you fancy then why not. Of course one of the reasons we’ve opted for this concoction is that we need to eat what we’ve brought with us, which as usual is too much so we need to eat what’s open and take home what isn’t open!

After our cheesy fishy concoction we retired to the lounge to watch TV. We wanted to watch something lighthearted and humorous and noticed that Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was showing on C4 so we settled down, me on the sofa, Maice in the chair, Winston wandering aimlessly around and tuned in. Only we couldn’t tune in because it wouldn’t connect to C4 Live so that put paid to that idea. As BBC is the only channel we can get we trawled the film selection and plumped for Paddington 2 which we’ve both seen many times before but felt like we needed something lighthearted to watch. We settled down again to watch it but Winston had other ideas. For some reason he just doesn‘t like this particular TV. Whether its the colour or the tinny sound emanating from it, not only does he become transfixed with it he then takes on a strange persona; whining, becoming jealous that we’re not paying him attention and pacing in and out of the room. Winston won. We donned our hats and coats and took him out for another walk. Thankfully, on our return he took himself off to sleep somewhere upstairs whilst we sat uninterrupted in the lounge and watched the end of the film.

Our washing was still in the dryer, drying. Gosh, it was taking a long time. It must have been in there for at least three hours by now so why wasn’t it dry as a bone? We ended up hanging everything over the radiators to dry so let’s hope they dry overnight and we can pack them in the morning. All that’s left to do is rearrange the furniture, sort out the recycling, take Winston out for his final wee and we can retire to our beds. We’ve got to vacate the cottage at 10am tomorrow morning so we’ve got lots to do so with that in mind……its goodnight from me, goodnight from her and goodnight from him!

Night all……M&A and Sir Winston xxx

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