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Day 13 - The mysterious whereabouts of the blue straw hat!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

You’ll never guess. We didn’t go out for our early morning walk this morning or have our cappuccino because a) we thought we’d rest our weary legs because, let’s face it, they have been on the go ever since we got here b) neither of us were up in time to make it out, have our coffee and return back in time for breakfast and c) contrary to what many of you may think, it had absolutely nothing to do with the wine we’d drunk yesterday…..just sayin’! If the truth be known you don’t actually get much wine to taste, in fact it barely tickles the bottom of the glass……it’s the speed at which one carries out the wine tasting and with us it was no longer than five minutes! And, as we visited four wineries in the heat of the day it obviously made us all a bit ‘hyper’! Just sayin’!

What to do then if we weren’t going for our walk? We regrouped at the breakfast bar, opened the spreadsheet and deliberated our next move. We still hadn’t done the Art Gallery yet which we were keen to do, so as we were having a leisurely morning we set off on our cultural morning out, walking of course! We regrouped a few blocks down as I really felt the need to go in search of my blue hat instead. The last time I recall I had it was walking back from our morning shopping trip on Thursday and because it was windy had put it in the white paper carrier bag with my clothes shopping, however I believe I wore it in the afternoon when we went consignment shopping although no-one can remember me wearing it! Having looked everywhere at home, in Myrna’s car and in Tara’s car we all came to the conclusion I had left if in one of the shops so, instead of going to the Art Gallery I suggested we retrace our steps and ask at all the shops we’d been to. Alas, it wasn’t to be, no-one had seen it and I came away empty handed except for the new pair of blue sunglasses I had to purchase as a consolation. Rather dejectedly we made our way back home and as it was lunch time suggested to Myrna we go straight out for lunch instead of staying indoors of which we were all in agreement. But where to go? We decided on the Cactus Club Cafe off of Highway 97 where we introduced Myrna to the delights of the ‘Aperol Spritz’. So delicious and totally refreshing. We ate good food after which we felt the need for our daily cappuccino and another first, we took Myrna to our favourite cafe, the Bean Scene. They sat outside whilst I went in and ordered. Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather for there sat on the counter next to the bags of coffee beans was my hat. ‘That’s my hat’ I exclaimed, rather loudly and with that I reunited my head with my hat. M&M were as surprised to see me wearing it as I was and over coffee we deliberated how it had ended up here when I know I put it in the white bag and didn’t come back into the cafe after that. Such strange goings on!

After a trip to the liquor store to stock up on wine and Aperol Spritz we topped up with petrol which incidentally is only £1.12 per litre and headed back home. Not having made an Aperol Spritz before we looked up the recipe, which is just so simple, Maice mixed it all together and voila, there appeared three beautifully presented Aperol Spritzes. We drank them whilst we undertook our individual financial affairs, see, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world one must get one’s finances in order and before we knew it we’d had our supper and out came the Sequence board game. Instead of playing in pairs like we did on games night we played individually which was a lot harder and the game soon became a stale mate where no-one won. Playing under the influence of a few Aperol Spritz was not recommended as I kept forgetting to pick up a card after my go so ended up with only three cards in my hand out of six! Definitely no way I was going to win then! Maice was victorious on the third round and with that we packed everything away and headed off to our beds. Tomorrow we shall resume our early morning walk, have coffee and then prepare for our Paddleboarding experience in the afternoon. Well, this should be fun!

Night all….M&A xx

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