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Day 12 - We’ve been Catherine’d - Just sayin’!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

We both decided we were going to abstain from drinking alcohol today, you know give our vital organs a bit of a rest but then remembered we were off wine tasting this afternoon so that put paid to that idea! At least the thought was there!

I started the blog single-handedly today as is seems both Maice’s iPad and iPhone had suffered an attack by the gremlins as they’d both disconnected from the Wi-Fi and despite numerous attempts to re establish a connection they wouldn’t connect. Myrna and I didn’t seem to have a problem although her television sets didn’t seem to be working either. It was most peculiar!

We decided to go straight out for our walk and sort out Maice’s technical issues on our return so we set off at 7.45am, both wearing our cardigans due to it being a tad on the chilly side. We thought we’d walk to the lovely Guisichan gardens again and sit and reflect but we seemed to miss the turning and before we knew it we’d arrived at the Bean Scene cafe. We’d walked there in contemplative silence, our legs were heavy, probably all the walking had finally caught up on us and our hearts too were heavy. We certainly needed our morning cappuccino!

After coffee we headed home and bumped into Jim, Jim from ‘Sassy Shoes’ who gave us the long-handled shoehorn and we stopped and had a little chat with him. He was telling us about the ‘try before you buy service’ he offers, where you can take shoes home without the need to pay in advance, try them, get used to them and return them, obviously paying for any you may want to keep. How very trusting of him and as he’s such a nice man we’ve decided to call Myrna’s new shoehorn Jim!

After breakfast we set about the task of reinstating our connections. By now none of us could connect to the Wi-Fi due to M&M (Myrna & Maice) trying to sort it out by switching off the modem and starting it again. As we know we’re often told to switch things on an off to get them going again but alas, this time it was not to be. It resulted in Myrna contacting the provider who talked her through what to do. It required both M&M to follow through the instructions until hey-presto we were connected. And breath, we were back in business! We uploaded the blog and got ready to go out. Now, where was my blue hat? I looked everywhere for it and it was most definitely not in the house so it was either a) in Tara’s car from yesterday or b) in any number of shops we had gone into yesterday! Plumping for the orange hat we set off to Tara’s house where we were starting our wine tour.

Myrna very kindly offered to chauffeur us around from winery to winery so with all five of us firmly strapped in we headed off. The five of us being me, Myrna, Maice, Tara and Catherine, Tara’s friend who, we were soon to realise was as ‘mad as a box of frogs’! Winery no.1 Kitsch Wines was stunning and afforded us the most beautiful views over Lake Okanagen and the mountains beyond. With an azure blue sky as a backdrop it was beautiful. We tasted our 5 wines, took some photos and headed off to winery no.2, The Vibrant Vine which is renowned for its very vibrant design work on their bottles. Apparently they ‘accidentally’ won ‘Best White Wine in the World’ at the World Beverage Competition in Geneva, Switzerland back in 2010 and have never looked back. Having consumed our five wines from here we made our way to winery no.3 Meadow Vista Honey Wines. It’s not a winery as such as they produce Meads from the bees they keep and have won many awards. Not our cup of tea really but we tasted five mead wines and spent some time making purchases in the shop before heading off to winery no.4 The View where we met Dianne who carried out our wine tasting. She was the best out of all the previous ‘Connoisseurs’ due to a) she served our wines in proper stemmed wine glasses b) she swirled the wine in the glass before letting us drink it c) she let us taste more wines than what we’d paid for and d) she had to put up with four very loud and boisterous women who were by now feeling the affects of drinking at the three previous wineries. In all honesty, she deserved a medal! Not only does Dianne deserve a medal but Myrna deserves a medal too for it was she who was driving us from winery to winery and whilst we were becoming more and more inebriated and louder after each visit she was stone cold sober. How she managed to drive us from A to B to C to D without getting lost is a wonder, particularly as no-one really knew where they were going and had to rely on SatNav for directions. Even then it was difficult to decipher when to turn left and right due to the cacophony of noise emanating from Catherine, Tara and Maice who were in the back seat with Maice valiantly trying to shout to Myrna above the noise as to where to make a turn. Poor Myrna didn’t know if she was coming or going and a number of u-turns were required in order to reach our destinations! Winery no.5 was not a winery but a distillery, Forbidden Spirits which produces vodka, gin and brandy amongst others. We’d just pulled up in the car park when we were approached by one of the waiters who told us it was closed. If we hadn’t done so many u-turns maybe we would have arrived just in time but we arrived just seven minutes after closing time. You’d think they could have let us in, surely! There was nothing for it, we had to about turn and make our way back to Tara’s house where we enjoyed another alcoholic beverage on the verandah. It was lovely, the sun was shining, the sky was blue it was so quiet you could hear the birds singing and there we were on our rockers, rocking to and fro. Fabulous darlings.

Back home we rustled up something to eat, poured a glass of wine and relaxed on the sofa before heading off to bed. It’s been a fun but hectic day full of laughter and tears, tears of laughter that is. We think tomorrow we’ll have a quite day and maybe go in search of my hat!

M&A xx

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1 Comment

Sep 10, 2022

“Back home we rustled up something to eat, poured a glass of wine”

so you obviously didn’t feel you’d already had enough wine 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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