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Day 11 - Goodbye to the end of an era.

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

We were very saddened to have heard about the death of this amazing lady Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Thank you Ma’am for your years of service and loyalty to us all.


The party animals that we aren’t, we paid the price for our ‘late’ night last night by getting up late and subsequently we didn’t set off on our walk until 8.30am. It was actually quite cool due to the cloud cover so we strode out at a faster gait than usual to try and warm up. Today we were walking straight to the Bean Scene cafe, having our cappuccino and walking straight back. Then we were having breakfast and going back out again, walking the same route but this time to the shops. Hey, nothing like another day of retail therapy!

With so much loose change rattling around in our kitty purse we decided to use it to pay for our cappuccinos. Maice, who usually sits outside whilst I go and order drew the short straw so it was her turn to go in and order. In she went with the little pouch of loose change and emerged 15 minutes later with two cappuccinos. I was going to send a search party in she’d been gone so long but apparently there was a slight queue and the Baristas here always take great care and put a lot of love into making each cappuccion, always ending up with some lovely design on the top. We sat outside in the sun which had just made itself visible from behind the clouds and contemplated the day ahead. Maice and I were shopping in the morning and Myrna, Tara Terror, Maice and I were consignment shopping together this afternoon, thats thrift shopping to you and me. As we were sat outside a man on a bike, a bicycle activist cycled right past us precariously balancing a large placard in his hand. Something to do with local government elections and a better quality of life!

Back home we enjoyed breakfast with Myrna and headed out again to the shops. I’d seen a gorgeous pair of boots that I fancied but discounted trying them on the first time I saw them last week as they were a tad expensive but I couldn’t stop thinking about them so needed to go back, try them on and make a decision. The store assistant asked what size I was. ‘An 8 or 42’ I said. ‘Ok, you’ll be wanting a size 5 then’ she replied! ‘No, I’m an 8 or 42’ I repeated. ‘Yes, but that’s a size 5 over here’ she responded. Whatever, I’ll just go with the flow and see what transpires. What transpired was that she brought out five boxes of boots for me to try on ranging from a size 38 to 41. I knew as soon as I saw them all that I wouldn’t get my foot in any of them although I did manage to pull on the 41, which was so tight that Maice had to wrestle it off my foot. They didn’t have a size 42 so that was that, but hey, look at all the money I’ve just saved!

We sashayed into Sassy Shoes where we got talking to Jim, the owner who gave us, free of charge a large handled shoe horn, which we’re going to donate to Myrna. I’ve got one at home and think every household should have one, they’re so useful. Back home Myrna broke the news to us that the Queen had passed away, so we sat down and watched the news on CNN. We switched to the BBC news and listened to the announcement and we all stood up when they played the national anthem. It was a very sad and poignant moment and she will be greatly missed. She truly was a great lady.

When Tara Terror arrived we made our way back to the shops to look for some bargains at the consignment shops and we all managed to make a purchase of some sort, be it hats, jewellery, clothing, sunglasses, you name it, we bought it. Happy with our purchases we made it home where we dined in on calamari, Greek salad and a few glasses of wine. ‘T’ introduced us to to a new card game called ‘spoons’ which was hilarious and so so simple to play, then we played Phase 10 which was slightly more confusing then we watched a few ‘Shirley Valentine’ videos I’d put together during lockdown and then the Michael McIntrye ‘me bag, me bag’ karaoke sketch. Ah, how we laughed.

It was a really lovely evening; family and friends together sharing what has been on this, a very, very sad day.

M&A 🥰

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1 Comment

Sep 09, 2022

We’ve got a long handled shoe horn!!! IKEA

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