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Australia: Day 22 – 03.12.18…………It’s all about the ‘feel good’ factor!

No wonder we keep getting our dates mixed up! The clock in the car is a day ahead. We sat in the car this morning having a conflab about the date as it didn’t coincide with our itinerary and we were getting mighty confused. It was after some deliberation, counting back to when we came and then looking at our iPad dates to determine which date was correct, but It’s all sorted now, we know what date we’re on so hopefully the blogs will be correct too.....they have been a bit off kilter lately!

As we missed yesterday’s yoga challenge due to our ‘late night’ with the penguins (the one we did in the morning was for the day before) we leaped out of bed and got straight into it. We may be a bit un-supple first thing but actually we’re really enjoying our early morning yoga sessions, it sort of energises us for what lies ahead…..we’ve both said we’ll try and fit that into our morning schedules when we get back to the UK! Having packed the car up, we drove down to the Mad Cow cafe (in Cowes) having been given instructions of how to get there and enjoyed a really hearty but healthy breakfast. Maice had baked quinoa which although sounds a bit odd looked and was, apparently quite delicious. Back on the road with Sheilas wheels and SatNav Maice we were heading off to the Mornington Peninsula, renowned for its large number of wineries in the area. We’d love to do a few wine tasting tours but it’s not so much fun when you’re driving. Of course one can always ‘spit it out’ as one is supposed to, but really, what a waste! There are also a number of Spa’s in the area which sound nice, in particular the Peninsula Hot Springs Bath House, we really feel like being pampered today so we’ll regroup when we get to the hotel and decide what to do then.

The driving is so easy over here. The roads are quite empty with very few lorries on them which does make a big difference. We’re also getting used to SatNav Sheila’s tone, a very different style to her counterpart SatNav Steve. Whereas Steve’s more your surf dude type of guy SNSheila is very professional and direct. SNS and SNMaice are quite the double act. SNS will give half a direction and SNM will complete it! We found the Gold1043 radio station which was playing some really good ‘drivetime’ singalong music, which obviously we sang along to, warbled along to really, with our la, la la-ing because we don’t know the words! Our singing along to the radio passed the time and we soon arrived at our hotel, the Moonah Links at 12.35pm which was too early to check in. The receptionist told us we’d been allocated two rooms which we declined. What would we want with two rooms? We think it’s because we’ve asked for twin beds, the request must have ‘got lost in translation’ between all the tour agents. By 1.30pm our ‘suite’ was ready. Honestly, we are going up in the world. You cannot believe what our suite is like. The whole length of the room is floor to ceiling glass doors, leading out to a balcony almost the size of my bedroom which has the most glorious view over the golf links. The bathtub is in front of the window, totally private so you can soak in the bath and take in the view.

Well, stuff paying to go to the real spa, we’d have our own spa here in our suite. We rearranged the furniture in line with fengshui alignments (ok, we rearranged it to make the most of the view), changed into the complimentary pure white, cosy long dressing gowns, cobbled together some bread, cheese and apple, cracked open the bottle of chilled, crisp white wine, sat down and soaked in the view. It was lovely looking out over the golf-links through our rain spattered windows, watching the dark rain clouds go hurtling across the sky, such was the weather today. We took it in turns to soak in the deep bath, me first, with my glass of wine, just relaxing and soaking up the views, Maice after me with her book. After our baths we showered in the most gorgeous of power showers, honestly I could have stayed in there for hours but I had to get out so Maice could have her turn. What a lovely ‘spa afternoon’ we’ve had, and it didn’t cost us a penny!

As we’re in the middle of nowhere we were advised to reserve a table in the hotel restaurant if we were thinking of eating there. We got ready and wandered across to the restaurant. Well, there were only two people in there! Never mind, we’d already seen the menu and knew what we wanted. Seafood linguine for me and Salmon for Maice, opting for the wine suggested by the menu. It was a beautiful meal which we both really enjoyed after which we made our back to our suite to continue our ‘pamper’ session. Face masks. Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks (other brands are available) are wonderful for the skin so we applied them for thirty minutes and then it was time for bed. We’ve had a very chilled day today making the most of the hotel and the room facilities. And why not? It’s not everyday we get to stay in a suite. Remember, we are used to slumming it in Greece!

Night all....

A&M xx

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