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Australia: Day 2 – 13.11.18………..Up, up and away!

Apart from Maice’s gentle breathing impeding my attempt to get off to sleep quickly I did manage to get four hours sleep, which is actually the norm for me. You could feel the excitement in the air when we woke, and the stupid grin on our faces wasn’t just your usual early morning dozy look. It was a look of disbelief that finally the day had actually arrived and we were off to Australia………via Singapore.

We couldn’t quite believe that everything went smoothly from the moment we left the hotel to our arrival in Singapore (well almost). We’d pre-booked the Resort Hoppa from the hotel to the airport and I have to say we’ll be sending an email to Resort Hoppa when we get back complimenting the driver. In all the years of travelling this guy was the most helpful driver we’ve encountered from the lifting of our cases on and off the bus to his helpful monologue as to where we pick up the bus on our return. Equally as helpful was the guy at the Singapore Airlines (SA) self-service kiosk who took pity on us (remember we were unable to answer any quiz questions last night) and did everything for us. And how pleased we were with the weight of our bags......Maice’s weighed in at 17kg and mine was a mere 15kg. Considering our allowance is 30kg I think we’ve done really well. We put Maice’s extra 2 kilos down to the ‘knobs’ she’s carrying! Security were just as helpful even though Maice had to stick her hands up in the x-ray machine (that’s underwired bra’s for you!) and then we came out the other side, unscathed. Must be the quickest and most efficient airport manoeuvres we’ve encountered. Then of course we had to find the Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge. I know you’re probably wondering how two reprobates like us managed to book ourselves into this lounge. Well, to cut a long story short, after complaining to the airline for changing our pre-booked flight seats from upstairs to downstairs, yes I know the view is the same, I wrote, on the advise of my friend Anne to Mr Goh Chong Phong, CEO of SA and lo and behold we were given complimentary entry to the Silverkris Lounge. To be honest, we needed SatNav Steve with us because we got very lost trying to find its whereabouts. We must have walked at least 5,000 steps to get there and that’s only from security! We seemed to be walking round in circles, walking for miles along the walkways and escalators so that In the end we had to ask for embarrassing. We’re here now and I must say we’re feeling quite sleepy, probably due to the three helpings of breakfast we’ve had and oh, the two large glasses of Prosecco consumed (I know, and it’s only 9am!). I must say it’s very relaxing sitting here in the lounge, hob-nobbing with the Business Class passengers and guess what……they don’t look any different from us!

During breakfast we rearranged our new hand-luggage bags a few times to get the things inside in the right order. Maice had recently bought a ‘nappy bag’, which was the only type of bag she could find with lots of pockets on the outside, which she wanted as a work bag and mine was a Mary Poppins bags with lots of pockets on the inside. The thing with having too many pockets is that you just can’t find anything, and depending on which way the bag is the items are usually on the other side to that which you thought they were, if you get my drift and then you end up hunting around for everything.

Having eaten and drunk enough to keep us going until we got on the plane we made our way to gate B42 for boarding. This was probably the most efficient boarding we’ve been through in a long while. Well done SA. We didn’t have to go far when we boarded the plane as our extra legroom seats 41b/c were right there at the door so we literally stepped on and sat down. We had loads of space and being next to the galley we were sure to be served first and what a bonus, we’d probably be first off. On take off we chatted to the male cabin crew, born and bred in Singapore so we asked him for some ‘must see’ places and things to see and do and he was very obliging. So we have a list. Bless him, he gave both of us a set of playing cards each......they’ll come in useful for when we begin our rummy tournament.

We spent most of the flight, eating, drinking (no wonder I don’t have a flat stomach) dozing and rearranging ourselves on our two seats. You wouldn’t think there was much to rearrange but it was a case of juggling the movie monitor, the tray table, pillows and blankets, water bottles, and any personal belongings needed all within the confines of our seats. Contortionists we are not!

‘Bedtime’ was at 1.30pm, just three hours after take off. No kidding. Our ‘supper’ was served an hour and a half after take off which I must say was quite delicious. Fish with rice washed down with two glasses of white wine. We did ask for Prosecco having seen it on the trolley but apparently that’s not for the likes of us, you know, economy class. No, you have to have booked into Premium Economy to get Prosecco and if you want the real thing, Champagne, then First Class and Business Class it is. Ah yes, we know our place!

So having been ‘put to bed’, lights dimmed, eye masks and blankets in position, we tried to get some sleep. It’s not easy when you know it’s the afternoon so we watched a film to make us sleepy. We were hoping the alcohol would make us tired but it just made us more thirsty and want the loo more!

The flight was in no way full so Maice moved to a row of four empty seats and had a sleep whilst I hooked my legs over the armrest onto Maice’s vacated seat and tried to sleep. It wasn’t the most comfortable position to find oneself in but I made do.

I must say, a very strange thing happened to my flying outfit whilst being on the plane. I don’t know if it’s because it’s linen, but the top, which was quite fitted when I put it on this morning, and my trousers have both ballooned outward. Honestly, I look like a clown particularly as I’m wearing striped flight socks and silver trainers!

Well, we’ve just touched down at Changi Airport, Singapore. According to my iPad it’s still Tuesday 13th November and it’s 23.05. Here in Singapore it’s Wednesday 14th November and it’s 07.05am! Incredible!

Off now, time to go sightseeing.....

A&M xx

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