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Australia: Day 13 – 24.11.18……….We’ve decided. Today is going to be ’Awesome’!

We’ve seen a lovely bunch of coconuts, there they were a sitting on the beach, big ones, small ones, some as big as our hats! Well, we’ve finally completed our four mile walk on Four Mile beach having said we’d do it all week. As it’s our last full day in Port Douglas our mission today is....walk the Four Mile beach and back again, then stop at the allocated swim zones which are netted off due to jellyfish, have a swim, have a sunbathe then back to the apartment to do our laundry, sunbathe, go for a bucket of prawns which we’ve also been looking forward to all week, back to the apartment to do our yoga challenge, eat ‘in-fresco’, pack, put our face-masks on and finally drink our bottle of Prosecco to toast the end of a great week. Gosh, what a busy day.

We started our walk along Four Mile beach at 8.38am to avoid the heat but as soon as we stepped out of the door the heat hit us. It was going to be a hot one today. We had our shopping bags with us today containing towels, cameras and water instead of our rucksacks as we didn’t want any strap marks! I have to say, Four Mile beach in the flesh is nothing like the Four Mile beach in the photos which seem to have been photoshopped of all seaweed and tree debris. It’s a lovely beach otherwise, it’s such a pity you can’t swim freely in it at this time of year. We met ‘Wilson’ on our walk, he of ‘Castaway’ fame. Tom Hanks threw him in the water and lost him, well here he is, we found him, here on a beach in Australia!

It was an extremely hot walk, not only the sun but the breeze was hot, it felt like it was 35 degrees and as we were running out of water we regrouped under a coconut tree in order to a) get a bit of shade b) assess our situation and c) rest our weary legs. Thankfully today we had our sensible heads on and although our mission was to walk the beach there and back, we’d already done two miles and had used up half of our water so we turned round and walked back. Although we didn’t accomplish our original challenge we have actually walked four miles on Four Mile beach, so for us it’s mission accomplished!

We finally made it home by 11.30am totally exhausted, and spent ten minutes soaking up the air-con to cool us down. Then it was off to do the laundry. Whilst waiting for our washing we punished ourselves even further by sunbathing in the bijou pool next to the laundry room. Five minutes on the sunbed, five minutes in the pool, that’s all we could muster and so it went on until our laundry was complete after which we showered and made our way out for our ‘bucket of prawns’. We’d seen them advertised in a local restaurant at $18 with a beer, that’ll do us nicely however when we got to the restaurant we waited to be served and waited a bit more. I wouldn’t mind it wasn’t even busy, which surprised us. We thought for a Saturday afternoon the place would be heaving, but no, everywhere was quiet. After being totally ignored we moved to another restaurant and made ourselves comfortable outside only to be told the kitchen closed at 3pm and opened again at 5pm. We felt the need for a regroup, to discuss our options. We came out for a bucket of prawns and that’s what we were going to have only it seemed to be an impossible task. We found a pub come restaurant called the Iron House where we finally had our prawns and they were delicious. With a glass of crisp Australian white wine and some garlic bread we were happy. Another item on today’s ‘to-do’ list accomplished.

We picked up some rolls from the supermarket for our ‘in-fresco’ supper and headed home. It was 5.10pm. We had a little snooze until six, then it was time for our Day 11 Yoga Challenge. We got through it without too much ado and then started to pack our bags. To be honest it didn’t take that long and soon we were enjoying our final supper in Port Douglas, bread and cheese with a lovely bottle of Prosecco. What more could we wish for!

We spent some time sorting out our photos on our iPads which for some reason has caused us problems this week. Our photos were taking forever to store in the cloud, Maice has about 300 and I’ve got about 70 all waiting to go up there. Every evening we transfer photos from our cameras onto our iPads and any that I like of Maice’s that I want to use in the blog she sends to me but for some reason her airdrop isn’t locating me, even though I’m sat next to her and I’m in her contacts (I can airdrop to her iPad) so she has to email them to me, I copy the image which we’ve noticed become blurred. So if you see any blurred photos you’ll know why. I wouldn’t mind she managed to airdrop earlier in the holiday. I don’t know, all this technology beats us!

And on that note, it’s goodnight from me, and it’s goodnight from her.....!

M&A xx

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