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Cyprus: Day 8 – 20.11.19……… Our last day!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

I slept quite well last night but I guess Maice sleeping on the sofa had something to do with that! We were up and out by 8.30am taking a trip to the local supermarket to buy provisions for breakfast, lunch and a wee present for our friend Jane. She’ll never guess what it is! Then we stopped off at Chic-Choi’s (!) for our last Frappe before purchasing a couple of bandama’s because we like them.

We found the others in the pool when we got back, their taxi transfer isn’t until 6pm so they’ve got the rest of the day in resort and were making the most of it. Maice prepared our rolls for the airport/plane whilst I finished the blog and then before we knew it our taxi had arrived. We said our farewells, making sure we didn’t do ‘a Grant’ and leave anything behind and that was it, we were off to the airport. We couldn’t believe how easy it was when we got there. Check-in took just ten minutes, and going through passport control and security was a doddle. Even boarding the flight went without a hiccup until that is we noticed that the only seats on the plane that were still empty were the three behind me and the two next to both Maice and I. We like aisle seats and ALWAYS sit on the aisle......just saying! Next thing we know this elderly couple come on board who sit next to me, he protesting loudly in his very well to do voice that he and his wife hadn’t heard the announcement.....apparently he’s as deaf as a post, and hadn’t seen anything on the boards and that it wasn’t until he asked an official what time the flight was landing that he was told it had actually landed and they needed to get a wiggle on, so to speak as it was getting ready to depart. So on sitting down and telling me all this he crossed his legs which entered into my seat space so I had to put my legs out to the side.....I seem to recall being in this very same position the other week at the Corn Exchange theatre! The flight had now missed its slot and we were still waiting......then onto the plane appeared this rather portly, in fact, more than rather portly gentleman. He was in the middle seat, seat13e, the row in front of Maice, but asked the couple if they could move over so he could sit on the aisle seat, 13d which they did. He then said there were two medical cases coming on board. Fifteen minutes later there was a flurry of activity as the lift brought the next two people up to the cabin. First on was a lady in her early seventies with what looked like a plaster cast on her leg from hip to toe. She hobbled down the aisle to her husband (man now in 13d) who asked Maice if she wouldn’t mind moving to the window seat so his wife could sit on the aisle. So Maice moved from the AISLE seat to the window, her most unfavourite seat of all. It’ll be interesting to say the least to know how Maice is going to go to the loo because this lady seems permanently lodged into the aisle seat. I guess she’ll just have to clamber over the woman.....ha ha, this I must see, or hold it in until we get to Bristol!!! Next on board was a man in a type of wheelchair with two medical staff and a doctor. They brought him down to the row behind me, and lifted the gentleman onto the three empty seats, the two medical staff left and the doctor stayed on board. Well Maice, all I can say is, if you have another ‘episode’ on the return flight at least there’s a doctor on board to assist. Honestly, it was all going on. We finally took off forty minutes later!! Maice was chatting to the woman with the leg who said she fell and dislocated her replacement hip and was in hospital for five days in traction and unable to move or even go to the loo. She said the hospital didn’t use bed pans so she had to buy her own nappies......poor woman!

It was inevitable that Maice would need the loo at some point and of course it was like a military operation in getting the woman out of her seat. She finally made it there and back and thankfully she was wearing trousers today so didn’t get her knickers stuck in her dress like she did when returning from the loo last week with her skirt tucked into embarrassing!. Admittedly this was after her ‘episode’ so she can be forgiven on this occasion. Then the leg woman wanted to go to the loo and again another military operation took place. The cabin crew had to clear everyone away from the loo and place a curtain around the entrance ........she couldn’t close the door you see as her leg wouldn’t bend!!!

We both thought I’d be off the plane before Maice but leg woman’s husband stopped the flow of traffic along the aisle so Maice could get out. Maice had a really good conversation with her, she’s South African, her name is Muari and she lives in the UK with her husband. The rest of the journey home was very uneventful except for Maice who was sporting a sore red nose due to her cold finally coming out. Poor Maice, she has had her fair share of ailments this holiday. Probably coming out in sympathy with my sunbed dermatitis!

So what can I say about our holiday. Well, it’s been great. Considering Maice had never met Ali, Sandra, Irene or Grant before and vice-versa and I’ve not met Irene before and vice-versa, we’ve not holidayed as a group before but its been such a success and we have literally laughed our way through the holiday. We’ve eaten lots, we’ve drunk lots and goodness knows how many giraffes of wine we’ve consumed! We’ve made our own entertainment, we’ve ‘gone with the flow’ and most of all we’ve had the privilege of celebrating ‘Our Pearls’ 50th birthday with her. So a big shout out to all of us, because not only was it all about Pearl, it was all about US .........Pearl, Mark, Dianne, Ali, Sandra, Irene, Grant, Maice and Angela

Happy days....... xxxxxx


Coming soon to your email. Two go to Lisbon....for Christmas!

32 days to go and counting.

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