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Cyprus: Day 2 – 14.11.19…......Frozen!

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

We both fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow but in the middle of the night Maice got up to use the loo. I must have thought I was still at home in my own bedroom for when she walked back through the door I thought she was an intruder and sat bolt upright shouting ‘HEy, WHO ARE YOU?’ in a really LOUD voice, scaring the life out of the two of us. Of course, like in any good scary movie Maice hadn’t put the lights on so how was I to know it was Maice stood there in the doorway. All I saw was this figure looming into what I thought was my bedroom! Ah, how we laughed, hysterically, once we’d un-frightened ourselves that is!

Maice woke up just after six and busted a few yoga shapes with the help of Yoga with Adrienne in the hope it would make her feel better. She wasn’t faring too well after her episode on the plane but on this occasion the yoga didn’t have the desired effect and she still felt out of sorts. It’s actually knocked her for six so today we’ve decided to stay put in our villa and just chill out. I spent the first few hours placing freezing cold wet towels on my body to help cool my skin down. It was still red and blotchy and very, very itchy and it was making me very fidgety. Our ailments seem to be playing havoc with our speech because when we converse with each other neither of us seem to be making any sense. We had this very same scenario when we arrived in Singapore last year and put that down to jet-lag. This time I think we’re just both so traumatised by our ailments we’ve been reduced to two verbally incompetent females!

Sustenance was probably needed and a text from Pearl requesting that we all regroup outside the local supermarket saw the three of us, Maice, Dianne and myself hot-footing, or in our case slow-footing it to Phillipos Supermarket where Pearl and Mark were waiting for us. Our very own in-house oracle, in the guise of Grant, Marks brother had given us a very lengthy low-down on the qualities of this supermarket yesterday over dinner, so that’s where we were headed. We were going to do a breakfast shop for the two villas, so trolleys and baskets at the ready we made our way up and down the aisles, not once, not twice, but at least five times up and down the same aisles looking for stuff that wasn’t where you’d expect it to be. Maice and I became very disorientated and seemed to wander aimlessly around the floor of this vast supermarket, staring like zombies at the shelves and wondering what to buy. We ended up buying the heaviest stuff to lug home....bottled water and a box of wine! Yes, we still know what our priorities are.....!

We all trooped round to Villa Atalanta, the ‘birthday villa’ where Pearl, Mark, Grant and Irene are staying, for breakfast, which was a fine affair, and which actually made us feel much better but we were both in need of caffeine so Maice and I headed off down ‘the strip’ in search of a cafe with comfy chairs, this being our top priority. It’s an age thing…......we definitely go for comfort every time. We found ‘Chic-Chocs and enjoyed one of the best Frappes we’ve had in a long time.

Back at our villa we rearranged the sunbeds, hauling them around the pool to the patio area under the shade, faffed around a bit, rearranged ourselves on our sunbeds and relaxed. Maice had her chilled flannel behind her neck trying to bring comfort to a headache and I was covering my body with cold wet towels that had been chilling in the fridge and, oh, offered such a relief. Mind you it was a hell of a shock for the body at first, but you’ve got to suffer somewhat to be beautiful, and I certainly was suffering! I must say we looked a right pair as we lay there....looking resplendent with our flannels and towels covering various items of our anatomy!

We managed to have a snooze before Dianne came back from the birthday villa and we cracked open the huge box of wine we’d bought and put the world to rights. The aroma from our wine must have wafted up the road to the birthday villa and up into Pearls nostrils for next thing we know Pearl turns up too. ‘I’ll no be joining you’s all with the’s far too early for me’ she said. It was 3pm. We knew it wouldn’t last and pouring herself a large glass of wine we debated what she wanted to do for the rest of the week. It all became very confusing but we finally made a plan of sorts, but no doubt that will change! After all that, we still didn’t know where we were eating that night so after regrouping at 7pm we wandered down ‘the strip’ with the intention of inspecting all the menus, us five ladies in front, the two guys following behind. We came to the end of the strip and were none the wiser as us ladies had talked all the way along, not even glancing at any menus, much to the amusement of Mark and Grant who actually forsaw what would happen. Never mind. We crossed over and went into the Coral King restaurant where they boasted about their speciality dish.......the ‘21 inch’ hanging kebabs. Maice had a fish kebab, Pearl had a chicken kebab, although she wished she hadn’t after she googled the restaurant and the first review said ‘don’t have the chicken kebab, it’s tasteless’, Mark had a Chicken and Pork kebab, Dianne had Chicken Dianne and I had grilled octopus which was absolutely delicious. So mixed reviews overall and a big zero for the service which was dreadful.

It was still early when we left the restaurant so we went to do a recipe (predictive text....we went to do a recuse, no, a recipe, no ….we went to do a reccie!) of this restaurant Pearl had seen for her birthday night. We found it but we all agreed it wasn’t suitable for us and ended up in the taverna we went to the night before and drank cocktails ......two for €4.50....what a bargain. We had such a laugh and being the only customers left we were all up singing and dancing, doing ‘The Pearl’ dance (Budapest. New Years Eve was when Pearl ‘founded’ this strange dance combo) to all the popular songs and burning lots of calories to boot. What a great end to the day and we were home on the dot of midnight and looking forward to a good nights sleep.

They reckon tomorrow is going to be wet and stormy so a regroup may be necessary in the morning to determine what lies ahead. Now, where’s those wet towels.......?

Night all........


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