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09May22: Day 7 - The sun has finally got its hat on!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

We decided to put the air conditioning on last night as the room was getting quite stuffy so you’d think we’d have had a good nights sleep but it was by far the worst nights sleep we’ve had. We’ve previously had the balcony door ajar to let the air circulate but it seems the mosquitos are attracted to Maice as she keeps waking up and finding bites all over her despite lathering her body with Boots After Sun with insect repellent! She’s got 9 to date and still counting!

We peeped behind the curtain to ascertain what the weather was doing and instantly threw open the balcony doors to let the blue skies and warm sunny morning in. Hurrah. Gone was the grey overcast sky of yesterday. Today it was beach weather and we were going to make the most of it, but first things first. It was my turn to chose today’s yoga challenge so opted for the Yoga with Adriene ‘Core’ session…..another one for the abdominals. We certainly needed it after our hearty meal last night!

We went for breakfast at 8.30am and wondered where everyone was, it was that quite. We imagined they were either having a lie-in, out on a trip or nursing a hangover, something neither of us have experienced in a long while! We sat at our usual table overlooking the lagoon and as always it was beautiful. Stunning in fact. There wasn’t a cloud to be seen in the sky, the sea was like a millpond…..what a great way to kick-start the day.

Today we’re going to spend the whole day at the beach, it being our last full day here in Elounda. We can’t believe how quickly the week has gone, it’s literally flown by. Our next ‘sun’ holiday probably won’t be until next year so we’ve got to make the most of it while we can.

After breakfast we set off to the beach, stopping off at the harbour to watch the fishing boats bring in their catch, then selected our sun-beds and made our way over to Mylos cafe for our daily frappe. The weather today is sunny with a moderate breeze and warm enough to lie on our sun-beds and do nothing all day. We had work to do……we had to blend the red, white and brown tan lines on our bodies so they all joined up. Hopefully by the end of the day we’ll have had some success!

At two o’clock we made our way to Mylos for our final lunch which was the usual, Greek salad and a Mythos beer. They don’t need to ask anymore what we want, they just bring it over……such creatures of habit that we are. Mind you, we do have the same thing every day so it is easy to remember and the cafe is always very quiet so it can’t be that hard to remember two frappes, one Greek salad and a Mythos beer! We’ve realised we even have the same dialogue when they bring out our order. ‘Mmmm, thats lovely. Oooh, thats nice and refreshing. This salad is so nice’! Of dear, how sad are we! Having moved tables a number of times to keep out of the sun we moved back to our normal table at the front of the cafe and sat and watched the world go by. Linda, alias Betty, walked past so we had a quick chat with her. She like us can’t believe the week has gone so quickly and that we’re all off home tomorrow. It’s very sad. After lunch we tried to pay Nikos the waiter with a €50 note but he didn’t have any change so said we could pay him tomorrow. They’re like that, the Greeks, very trusting.

After our day at the beach we headed off to our other regular haunt, the ‘Venue’ cocktail bar for our usual Aperol Spritz and some more people watching. They know us in there too and remember our order, although it’s not difficult as it’s the only drink we’ve ever drunk in there! I first had this drink when I was in Germany over the Easter period. I’d never heard of it before but apparently it’s ‘the drink’ to drink on the continent and in the Med. It’s delicious, it’s a lovely orange colour and very refreshing to drink on a lovely sunny afternoon.

We were looking forward to returning to our room so we could start our beauty spa treatments that we’d brought with us, courtesy of Temple Spa. Our routine consisted of a hair-mask, a foot mask, a hand mask and a very special gold face mask. You can imagine how ‘glamarous’ we looked when we’d applied all this lot…..we even took a few photos however, we decided they are definitely not for the public domain!

Naturally we’re looking even more beautiful as we head out for our last supper at Olandi, the place they did the delicious octopus salad. It was a lovely balmy evening, with just a feint whisper of wind so we took the chance and ventured out without a jacket or a cardi-scarf, just wearing our sleeveless dresses and thin scarves, just in case it gets a bit chilly. As soon as we sat in the restaurant we knew we should have been more prepared. We were sat at the waters edge and there was a definite coolness blowing into the restaurant. Achilles, bless him, came to the rescue and brought over one of their white table-clothes for me to use as a scarf. Hey, who knows, like the cardigan-scarf this concept could also ‘catch on’!

Before we knew it we were back in Harry’s bar for our final drink at the hotel. Well, we can honestly say that the Greek economy is also suffering with inflation because prices seem to be going up on a daily basis. Our first glass of wine at the hotel bar on Tuesday evening cost us €4 each, then yesterday it had gone up to €4.80! And the Aperol Spritz Maice had Sunday afternoon cost €9.00 and by the evening it had gone up to €9.50! Incredible!!

We spent our time in the bar posing for photos then posed some more on our walk back up ‘windy-alley’. Ah well, you’ve got to humour us and we did have a laugh whilst we were doing it. Had we drunk too much? Was it too much sun? Whatever it was it was M&A just ‘going with the flow’.

And on that note, its goodnight from us both. Καλυνυχτα….

M&A xx

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Jo  Whyte
Jo Whyte
May 10, 2022

So glad you have both had a lovely holiday. So enjoyed reading the blogs. Safe journey home love Dave and jo x x


Jane Hansford
Jane Hansford
May 10, 2022

Lovely photos. Sounds like you’ve had a lovely time x

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