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07May22: Day 5 - Oranges on wheels!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

At 8.30am we awoke from our slumbers, well actually I’d been awake for a while whilst Maice, sleeping in the bed next to me was making strange noises in her sleep….must have been dreaming about Rakomelo and threw back the balcony doors to be greeted by a whisper of breeze that lightly tickled the leaves of the olive trees opposite our balcony. Fabulous. Let’s hope its a sign that we finally have a wind free day!

Just in case the ‘drone on the beach’ comes back today we laid out our yoga mats and did a six minute ‘abdominal’ workout that apparently gives you a flatter stomach but to be honest mine seems to be getting bigger by the day, for some unknown reason!

Breakfast was the usual routine, sat in the usual place, talking to Alan and Carol who were also in their usual spot behind us and who have, like us, formed a routine. We had our daily chat then returned to the room to get ourselves ‘beach ready’. Can you believe that someone rang the doorbell again today…..and even though it’s an adults only hotel we believe someone’s playing ‘ring the bell and run away’. Of course the alternative is that people think it’s the light switch for the stairs which just happen to be located opposite our room. The jury’s out on that one! We’re in room 423 on the second floor and we’ve been trying to get to grips with the numbering system since we arrived. We’re wondering what the 4 denotes? We believe the 2 is for the second floor and the 3 is the third room along but there’s only two blocks so its not the fourth block so what can it be? We’ll ask Harry tonight at the bar. I’m sure he’ll know, being the fountain of all knowledge!

We sauntered down ‘windy alley’ which, for the first time wasn’t windy at all. It was quite nice actually and we stopped to smell the jasmine bushes that line the way….absolutely gorgeous. We ended up at our cafe bar, Mylos where we enjoyed a lovely frappe, a bottle of water and then we were ready for the beach. Can you believe it, there was just a very feint breeze today that hovered over the sand and waves. It was glorious. Today, on the beach, we’re on a mission. Not only do we want to brave going into the sea but we seriously need to fill in the gaps on our ‘patchwork’ bodies. For some reason we both seem to have a red strip on our stomachs, blotches on our arms, bits of white strips down the sides of our bodies and brown bits everywhere else. Are we not turning enough? We follow the sun around on our sun-beds but maybe we need to be staying in one place and letting the sun tan us as it moves around? Whatever method we decide on we’ve got to join up the patches so we end up being lovely and bronzed all over, other than the ’obvious’ white bits that is! Well, you will not believe this…..we actually swam in the sea. It was very refreshing……now how amazing was that!

As routine would have it, we were back in Mylos’ cafe for lunch, ordering Greek salad and a Mythos. Honestly…..what’s got into us two? We really are becoming very predictable. We sat and watched the world go by and watched two beautiful orange coaches drive down the jetty where they dropped a group of tourists off who were headed off on a boat trip to Spinalonga. So there you have it. It’s not just us who’ve been ‘tango’d!

After lunch we were back on the beach and true to form at exactly 3pm the wind whipped across the sand and the air became a tad cooler. We left the beach at 3.30pm and soon found ourselves in the square sat in the ‘Venue’ cocktail bar with our Asperol Spritz. You can’t beat a bit of people watching and this is the perfect place to watch. We even witnessed a little sparrow land on the glass of the people next us and pinch a peanut. Shame we didn‘t have our cameras at the ready.

Back at room 423, it was such a lovely afternoon we sat out on the balcony with a glass of wine and played gin rummy. Something we used to do every holiday but only just got round to doing it on this one. It was lovely sitting out there, overlooking the olive trees and the sea in the distance. Ah, holidays, don’t you just love them!

It was so hot on the balcony we were forced to retreat indoors, into the coolness of our room where Maice started to sort out the days photos to add to todays blog. Was it the wine? Was it the Aperol Spritz? Or was it a combination of both plus the heat from the balcony? We’ll never know! She only went and deleted a shared album from her iPad, an album shared with myself, Jane and Maice’s mum that we have added to for years and years. Honestly……words fail me!!!! She’s now well and truly in the dog-house and I have found it necessary to confiscate her glass of wine and replace it with a bottle of water!

For the first time this holiday we dressed for a balmy evening, which, surprisingly, is what it had turned into and can you believe this, we even left our cardi-scarves behind! It was so lovely outside we wanted to make the most of it so went for a stroll around the harbour before settling on ‘Olondi’ for supper, a restaurant which isn’t too far from our hotel. Alan, Betty and Carol went there on their first night and highly recommended it and every time we’ve walked past it we said we’d go there, so, tonight’s the night and here we are. Well, we can honestly say it’s the best food we’ve had since we’ve been here and the grilled octopus salad was amazing. Definitely a contender for somewhere to eat on our last night. The whole meal was super delicious and the staff were very attentive. Kostas was great. He really looked after us and was a true gentleman as was Achilles. After some complimentary fruit and a couple of glasses of Raki we made our way back to the hotel, up in the lift made for one, although we both went in together and ended up sat at the bar at Harry’s bar with a glass of wine and an Aperol Spritz!

We asked Harry if could shed any light on the numbering system to the room numbers. Apparently the main building is made up of three floors and they wanted to build a fourth floor but weren’t able to so they built a new block which they called the ‘fourth’ floor. So there you have it…..and that is most definitely the ‘Greek way’!

We were considering another beach day tomorrow until Harry told us we should walk up to the old village of epano Elounda, which is just a fifteen minute walk from the church by the square. Yes, we know all about Harry’s fifteen minute directions. He even drew us a map to show us where it was and so we wouldn’t get lost. As it happened Alan was at the bar and the three of them, him, Betty and Carol had actually been up there today and said it took them at least thirty minutes to walk as it was uphill. So who knows how long it will take, but instead of a beach day tomorrow we’re going up to the old village. Whilst talking to Alan, we asked him what his name really was. So he’s called Paul, his wife is called Linda and his sister is called Tricia, but we shall forever know them as Alan, Betty and Carol!

And finally…..tomorrow in Canada it’s Mother’s Day so we want to give a big shout out to Myrna, Maice’s mum and say ‘Happy Mothers Day and look forward to seeing you in August’….🥰. Καληνύχτα……

Μ&Α χχ

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