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06May22: Day 4 - Hold your stomach in ladies…..we’re being drone’d!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

All that Rakomelo must have had an affect on us as we didn’t wake up until 8am! After consuming our daily Berrocca we laid out our yoga mats (towels in disguise) and partook in Yoga with Adrienne’s ‘yoga for gut health’. A session well chosen by Maice and rather apt under the circumstances!

Of course getting up late meant we went to breakfast late and when we made our way down to the restaurant it was packed. Fortunately ‘our table’, the one right next to the waters edge was still free and from there we fell into our breakfast routine, which always happens when we come away. I get the water, Maice gets the orange juice. I get the crockery Maice gets the condiments ……and so it goes.

After another lovely breakfast we returned to the room where we faffed around for a while before packing our beach bags, made it through ‘windy alley’ and headed towards the beach. We’d set ourselves a task this morning. To find somewhere else for frappe other than the cafe we’ve been to a few times, which we don’t know the name of. We like to try out different places, because as the ‘go with the flow’ girlies that we are we don’t like to be too predictable. We scoured the harbour area searching for a cafe that matched our criteria but however hard we looked, and we did try hard, we couldn’t find anywhere that met our exacting standards so ended up in the usual cafe, which we found out is called Mylos, where I enjoyed a lovely frappe and Maice went for something completely different, a Freddo cappuccino.

Having warmed up in the sun we made it across the road to the beach. Today we thought we’d go paddling. Due to the windy weather, neither of us have been in for a swim yet as it looks rather cold in the sea, so today we’re going to work up to it and go in up to our ankles! We always chat to the girl who takes the money for the sun-beds, which has paid off as she’s done us a deal and only charged us €6 instead of the usual €8. What a bargain!

After an hour or so we were busy dozing on our sun-beds when we heard this humming noise from up above that was getting closer and closer. We looked up and there was a drone, circling the beach, directly above us. It would zoom in, obviously for a better look, zoom out and then circle the beach again. We wondered if it was delivering a package and was looking for someone in particular, but it looked more sinister than that, so we got our own back and started taking photos of it and it soon disappeared. Ooh, it’s all very creepy. Who knows what their using the information for! Our biking-clad bodies may at this point be splashed across some porn website somewhere in the world!!! See, you’re not safe anywhere….Big Brother is watching!

We decided to go somewhere different for lunch so went to the taverna next door to Mylos, our coffee place and ordered a Mythos beer and a greek salad. The Mythos was lovely but the salad was not as nice as next door so we’ve made the decision that from tomorrow onwards were going to have our frappes in Mylos every morning because a) it’s in the sun b) the chairs are comfy c) you get a free bottle of water d) its very light and colourful e) we won’t have to keep looking for somewhere else and f) its right opposite the beach. Sorted!

Back on the beach we had a siesta until 3.30pm when we packed up and walked on to the end of the beach and along the road to see where it took us. It didn’t really take us anywhere that didn’t involve more walking and as we were in our flip-flops we decided against it. We didn’t want another episode like yesterday. Returning back to Elounda we looked around the shops, Maice bought a top and we soon found ourselves back in the cocktail bar in the square, people watching whilst enjoying another Aperol Spritz! Routine, predictability? Hey what’s happening to us?

Back at the room we finished off the last of the wine and spent the next few hours writing the blog and sorting out the photos. Honestly, it takes hours before it finally makes it onto the website, but hey, that’s the price we pay for perfection!!!

Tonight we’re off to the Italian pizza restaurant where the pizzas are made in the wood oven and because it’s at the far end of the harbour we’re layering up as it’s still very windy and a bit chilly out. So now we’d like to introduce you all to the Cardi-Scarf. A new concept by M&A ideal for those unexpected cold windy nights out. Easy to use and versatile. You can use as a scarf or a cardigan. Easily transportable, you can wear around your neck, around your shoulders or as a cardigan. Ideal for men, women and children. Anyone can make this fun Cardi-Scarf, no sewing or knitting involved!

We enjoyed a lovely pizza and were so stuffed that we forwent the last glass of wine at the hotel bar and instead bought a bottle of local wine and returned, early, back to the room.

Well, as the saying goes, tomorrow is another day…..and no doubt, the prediction is that we’ll be enjoying it on the beach! Who knows, we may even be brave and get up to our knees in the sea!

And on that note, it’s καληνύχτα from me, and καληνύχτα from her…….

M&A xx

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Jane Hansford
Jane Hansford
07 мая 2022 г.

The Aperol spritz looks lovely

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