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Saturday 25.09.21: Bells and boat trips…..!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

We made our way down to the lounge in relays……Maice was first up, looking a bit worse for wear due to the ‘church bells’ clanging all night which had apparently kept her awake although the rest of us never heard a thing! She took a very reluctant Sir Winston out to the back yard to perform his morning functions, but refusing to ‘go’ out there she harnessed him up and took him for a walk instead. Jane, was also up and preparing hot drinks in the kitchen, I was third up, which is most unusual for me, nursing a bit of a headache and Abigail was the lady of leisure, staying in bed with a nice cup of tea being brought up to her!

We made a decision yesterday about what to do today and regardless of the weather we’d plumped for a boat trip to Dartmouth. It said book early at the kiosk so I drew the short straw and ended up taking Sir Winston with me. No problem there, it just takes three times longer to get anywhere due to that nose of his stopping to sniff at anything and everything along the way. Thankfully we were back within the hour…..four tickets purchased for us girlies and one for Sir Winston with the Western lady ferry company, and we walked through the door just as breakfast was being served.

We regrouped in the lounge to discuss what jackets to wear….the weather app said rain and a moderate breeze. Was it going to rain or not, that was the burning question. In the end we decided it wasn’t going to rain and outerwear sorted we left the house and made our way, very slowly down to the harbour, found a coffee shop and enjoyed a cappuccino before boarding the boat.

As always Sir Winston was the star of the show. Tia, one of the deck hands was totally smitten with him and would pop over to see him at every opportunity…….and he thought he wouldn’t find a friend! We chatted to a very nice couple from Glasgow for most of the trip, think we made their day really and before we knew it we had arrived at our destination. The sun had come out, it was lovely and warm and we went in search of somewhere to eat, stopping off on the way for Maice to buy some slippers!

We found a nice little outdoor shack in the park where we sat and enjoyed pasties and sausage rolls whilst sunning ourselves in the heat of the sun before strolling back to the boat. Waiting in the very long queue, for some reason we started talking about hoovers when the couple in front of us, who had obviously been listening in and dying to join in the conversation turned round to advise us that they had gone through all the different brands of hoover….Shark, Dyson, Vax etc etc but preferred the Henry range and are now the proud owners of a Green Henry!

Back on the boat Tia made her regular visits to see Sir Winston who, bless him, was worn out and started dozing between Maice and Abigail, who were also worn out and dozing, albeit with their mouths open! It was difficult not to take a sneaky photo of this spectacle… if we’d do that!!!

Back on dry land we made our way back up the very steep hill to the house, regrouped and then set off down the very steep hill to the Blue Anchor for supper. We were a bit wary about it at first but the service was excellent, the food was extremely tasty, it was dog friendly and we really enjoyed ourselves. See, you should never judge a book by its cover! Being the party animals that we are we were back home at 9pm, on the sofa, in our pyjamas, glass of Prosecco in hand. Ah this is the life. Sitting in the lounge, drink in hand all of us on our ipads or phones!!!! Where would we be without technology!

And on that note four very tired ’young’ ladies and one equally tired puppy eventually made their way up the very steep stairs to their beds, all hoping for a very good nights sleep, without the bells!

Abigail, Angela, Jane, Maice & Sir Winston xxxxx

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1 Comment

Sep 26, 2021

Glad you’re all having a lovely time filled with lots of Prosecco!!

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