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Dorset: Day 3 – 27.06.20………It’s a duvet type of day!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

The day dawned wet, cold and very windy. Not the best ingredients for a Murder Mystery Themed Treasure Trail! We’d both woken early this morning, not by the usual frenzy of our alarm clocks telling us to ‘rise and shine’ I might add. No, I was woken by a colony of heavy footed seagulls running amok on the roof above and by Milly pawing at me wanting her breakfast at 5.30am and Maice was woken by the heavy drops of rain tap, tap, tapping on her windowpane and decided to take the opportunity to capture the moment on film.

A flurry of very early morning text messages ensued resulting in a regroup over FaceTime. Do we need to revert to Plan B due to the inclement weather we asked ourselves? Our bodies were still in recovery mode from yesterdays ordeal so Plan B it was then, not that we had a Plan B……..yet! After some deliberation, and taking into account that we could ‘bubble up’, we decided upon a ‘duvet day’ staycation day, watching films, painting, relaxing and then partaking in the Zoom quiz with friends later that evening. Great stuff. We’d hatched a plan in less than five minutes! I would pootle over to Maices some time around 11am and we’d take it from there.

To be honest, I’m quite pleased we’re doing Plan B today. After yesterday’s walk in all that wind and misty damp weather my muscles still ached despite having a lovely hot shower after I got back from the garage. Thankfully Mike the Mechanic couldn’t find anything wrong with Missy Micra so I headed home, showered, slipped into my Jim-jams, lay on the sofa and didn’t budge for the rest of the evening. Meanwhile, on arriving home, Maice had become industrious and made a pan of leek and potato soup before having a hot shower, slipping into her Jim-jams and curling up into her chair, not budging for the rest of the evening!

Having fed both Milly and myself our breakfast I lay in bed and started writing yesterdays blog. I couldn’t muster the energy last night so needed to get it written up and uploaded onto the website so Maice could do her magic with the photos and release Day 2 into the big wide world.

Before long I found myself sitting in Maices living room, the two of us totally engrossed in our iPads, tapping away in companiable silence. Gosh, it’s a long time since we’ve been afforded the pleasure of sitting in the same room together working on our blogs. It’s just like we were on holiday!

Time passed so quickly and before we knew it we were off to the cinema, courtesy of Maices lounge, for the matinee showing of Shirley Valentine, one of our favourite films, which was due to start pretty soon. Maice was relegated to the kitchen to make the popcorn in her ancient but very effective on the hob popcorn pan and as soon as it was ready we settled ourselves in the best seats in the house where we soon found ourselves transported to sunny Greece. Ah, what a lovely film. Hilariously funny, poignant, endearing and set in Mykonos……what’s not to love. Having had our ‘Greek fix’ we felt in need of a walk to stretch the legs. It was still windy but at least the sun was out. Well, it was in and then it was out but thankfully not enough to put us off. We were hoping to reach our daily target of in excess of 10,000 steps on our circular walk around Upwey and Bincombe but alas, it wasn’t to be. The most we could do was just under 8,000 steps in just 3.3miles! Never mind, we looked at the positives…….we didn’t get lost and we actually went full circle!

I headed off home soon after to feed Milly and then returned just in time for an early supper of tuna steak, new potoates and salad, wine for Maice and water for me as I’m driving. Lovely! Quiz night was beginning at 7pm with Sharon and Keith this weeks quiz masters and at the allotted time we donned our Glastonbury style headgear and tuned into Zoom, meeting up with the rest of our friends. Usually Maice and I quiz separately but as we’ve ‘bubbled up’ we thought we’d do the quiz together. As the saying goes, ‘two brains are better than one’…..supposedly, leaving poor Lesley the only one quizzing alone. I have to say, my previous performances as an individual have been very good, getting some good scores. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about this evenings performance. Can you believe that Maice and I came last! No kidding! Congratulations must go to Jane and Steve who won, and in accordance with ‘the rules’ it should be their turn to host the next quiz, however, Maice and I have volunteered to concoct the next quiz, so best put our thinking caps on and see what we come up with!

So our lovely ‘duvet day’ has come to an end. We’ve been so busy we couldn’t even fit in our creative painting session. The weather forecast for tomorrow is sunny and cloudy so we’ll definitely be doing our Murder Mystery Treasure Trail. Apparently it should take three and a half hours in total and a car is required to get ourselves from A to B to C. How exciting. It says ‘follow the trail and solve the clues’ and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. I mean, let‘s face it. How difficult can it be?

So this is Cagney and Lacey signing off for the evening…..

Stay safe

M&A xx

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