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Dorset: Day 1 – 23.05.2020……..The holiday that nearly wasn’t!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

We should have woken this morning to the sounds of our alarm clocks….Jess Glynne wanting to ‘hold my hand’ and Maices alarm omitting some very loud claxen sounding horn, but all was quiet in our respective homes. Today Maice and I, and not forgetting SatNav Steve should have been travelling to the airport to embark on our first overseas adventure of 2020 but of course this had been cancelled and all we could look forward to was a refund! So, what to do? Well, in true M&A style we regrouped over Facetime and made a plan. We’d have ourselves a Social Distancing-Lockdown-Staycation in Dorset!

Pondering whether face masks would be required on our daily outings we decided to err on the side of caution and seems I was ‘volunteered’ to make them. Not having sewn anything in the past thirty years I trawled the internet looking for the easiest pattern, borrowed Maices sewing machine, dusted the cobwebs off the ironing board and set about the task at hand. I mean, let’s face it, how difficult could it be? An aching back, two broken sewing machine needles, copious amounts of prosecco and a high volume of expletives later I managed to make twelve in the course of the week with a note to self to return sewing machine to Maice ……..immediately!

Face masks complete, all we needed now was to plan for the week ahead. We decided to do this whilst out walking so arranged a socially-distanced walk for today. It was all very exciting! We set off at a brisk pace, striding purposefully through the countryside around Dorchester, battling against the windy weather and doing the hokey-cokey with our cardigans. Of course, as you aware, the ritual of the hokey-cokey is more common when packing ones suitcase for our overseas holidays but unfortunately our poor forlorn suitcases have now been furloughed to the back of the wardrobe, not being required for our staycation here in Dorset. And so it was that the hokey-cokey baton was handed to our cardigans. They were on, they were off and so it went on as the sun continually disappeared behind the rather large clouds that seemed to form above our heads, cooling the air to the point goosepimples appeared on our arms!

Despite the changing weather patterns it was a lovely walk and we even surprised a fox that was skulking along the edge of a rather large field. What he was doing out in the daytime beats us but then we came across a group of sheep sleeping alongside the hedge and thought he may have been eyeing up his dinner! The gate to get out of the field, we noticed, just happened to be blocked by a group of bullocks who seemed quite settled and had no intention of budging when we approached them. They’re only curious, we reminded ourselves as they continually stared at us. We could have stared back but thought better of it, you know, just in case we upset them, so we nonchalantly walked right through the herd looking everywhere else but at them, some moving to make way for us. Phew, we managed to make it through the gate unscathed.

By this point our plan still hadn’t materialised. To be honest, we’d been walking and talking about other things, taking photos, enjoying the wonderful countryside and battling with the wind so much so that we’d quite forgotten the purpose of our walk. We needed to find somewhere to sit down so we could concentrate, think and plan, but just as we were looking for a nice grassy spot to sit down the cloud above us decided to empty its contents and we were rained on from a great height. The shower lasted about fifteen minutes but it put paid to us finding anywhere to sit now that both we and the grass were wet so we decided to give up on making a plan and popped into Lidl for some wine oh, and some snacky things for picnics next week.

And with that we went to our respective homes, arranging to Facetime later that evening to catch up and work out our plan…….only that didn’t materialise either so now we’re going to FaceTime tomorrow, hoping by then we’ve both given ourselves a good talking to and finally got our ‘act’ together. Honestly, this is what happens to our brains when they go into holiday mode……they just seem to do their own thing.

Ah well, what will tomorrow bring we ask ourselves……….A plan, we hope!!!

Night all….

M&A xx

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