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Day 12: 22.09.20 - where would we be without mobile phones?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

With just two days left of our holiday, we had a lot to cram in. First on the list was to collect Milly from her holiday home at Purrfect Cattery Weymouth. She loves it there, probably because she’s well cared for by Alison and the team. Happy to report she‘s now back at home, no doubt looking forward to her next ‘staycation’!. Wanting to make the most of the glorious weather we were meeting our friends Susan and Andrew at their place for coffee and then off to the Lookout Café at Overcombe for lunch where we could sit outside and soak up the sun. They’re moving up north, to the Pool, to be exact and this was going to be us saying our goodbyes! I arrived at Maices place at 10.30am where we scrutinised the speeding and parking fines. Unfortunately a drivers course wasn’t on offer so she’s going to have to accept the three points on her licence, which is a bit of a shame.

The parking fine we received for our stay at Cartmel racecourse says that if we pay by 3 October it will be reduced to £60, only we want to appeal as it says we were just 2.04 minutes over our two hour parking. Considering it took us over five minutes to find an actual space and park we‘re a bit disgruntled as surely the time should start when you’re actually in a space, not when you actually drive in and are looking for one! We looked on the website and the reviews and ratings were the worst we’ve ever seen for this parking management company HX Car Park Management, so beware. Unfortunately it looks like our hands are tied. If we don’t pay but we appeal instead, according to the reviews, we will most definitely lose our appeal and end up paying the £100 as we‘d then be over the time limit to pay the smaller fine, and according to the reviews, no-one has won an appeal. So we’re going to pay the £60

and make an appeal to the robbing so and so’s, to be polite!

We ended up back at S&A’s where we chatted for a few more hours, took some more phone calls from the YEOVIL Body Shop, watched some videos we had on our phones of a) the dolphins on our trip to Staffa b) Maice and the map incident and c) the two of us rehearsing our ‘quiz night’ dance moves and charades, mainly for Andrew, who wasn’t there on the actual quiz night! We left them with tears streaming down their faces, not because they were sad they were leaving but tears of laughter at our antics. I doubt they’ll get those images out of their minds for a long time yet.

So we said our goodbye’s although it’s not really goodbye. We’ll see them on Zoom and I’ll pop over to see them when I’m visiting the mother, if we’re allowed to travel by that time, who knows whats going to happen over the next six months!

So that was our day. We’ve learnt a new word today that Andrew came out with earlier and which neither of us have heard before…..Dunch! So to put it into context……….. I dunched Maices car or Maices car has been dunched. They also learnt something new today about Pampass grass, but we’ll leave it that shall we! Back at our respective homes we had lots of ’admin’ to sort out.......spreadsheets needed to be updated, Trip Advisor reviews needed to be written, complimentary letters to write.....gosh its going to be a busy evening.

On that note, don’t forget to check out the Iona and Beyond photo album in the Holiday Snaps tab for more of our holiday memories. You’ll need to scroll down to the bottom to see those newly added photos.

M&A xx

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Sep 23, 2020

Lovely day thank you with lovely people. Looking forward to seeing you in the ‘Pool’.

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