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Christmas Day….there was 3 in the bed and the little one said…..!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

We spent the early hours of Christmas Day listening to the torrential rain hammering down on the cottage, an image that took us back to Christmas 2017 at Jacksons Cabin where it rained the whole time we were there! That was in Devon too……must be something about this area at this time of year when all it does is rain!

We’d had an early night the night before, there being nothing on the tellybox. Winston had reluctantly been taken out in the rain for his last pee and poo of Christmas Eve and then we were settling down for the night, all except for Winston that is. All I could hear from the king sized bedroom next door was Winston whining, pacing up and down and scrabbling at the door, Maice cooing over him, trying to comfort him. What was wrong with him I wondered? I lay there for a while listening to this ritual until the door flung open and Maice appeared at my bedside, Winston under her arm and said ‘he wants to sleep with you’! And that was it……he wouldn’t budge off of my single bed for the rest of the night…..him taking up most of the space, me clinging onto the edge for dear life in fear of falling out! Seems Winston hadn’t forgiven Maice for making him walk in the pouring rain yesterday and came to me, his ‘Dogmother’ for a bit of solace.

We woke at 7.30am to the sound of torrential rain hammering down on the cottage. Does it ever stop raining here? A regroup was required so Winston and I took ourselves next door and joined Maice in the king size bed, Winston of course spreading out and taking up all the room once again! The question we posed to ourselves this Christmas morn was what should we do today? We let Winston open his Christmas present, a stuffed turkey dinner comprising of a turkey, a carrot and a Brussels sprout…..yum yum so whilst he threw them around the room we contemplated the forthcoming day. We’d have a leisurely breakfast, open our presents, write up the blog, edit the photos, upload the blog, go out for a walk and be back in time for the Queens speech at three o’clock, cook and eat our Christmas lunch, watch Strictly Come Dancing at five, watch Call the Midwife at eight then straight into the film Their Finest at nine thirty……then off to bed! How easy was that!

We enjoyed a lovely breakfast with a glass of Prosecco thrown in for good measure then set about the other things we’d talked about during our regroup. Presents opened….tick, blog written…..tick, photos sorted….tick, blog uploaded…..tick. We had hoped to go for our walk at eleven, when there’d been a bit of respite with the weather but our blogging, as usual, took much longer and we didn’t set off for our ‘walk’ until one thirty by which time the heavens had opened up again and it was very, very wet. Poor Winston was not a happy doggy, refusing to budge from the doorstep. To be fair, it wasn’t enjoyable for us either but we made baby steps down to the main road and after thirty minutes three ‘drowned rats’ returned to the cottage.

We played gin rummy before the Queens speech, think I’m still in the lead, dozed through the return of Mary Poppins, watched Strictly then prepared our long awaited Christmas lunch………Pizza, dauphinois potatoes, olives and Prosecco, drunk from ice-cream bowls……our wine glasses were in the dishwasher! Back to the sofa for Call the Midwife then the film. Honestly we’ve never watched so much TV in our lives… which time we were starting to get stir crazy. We’re determined to get up early tomorrow and go for a long walk, whatever the weather.

It’s been a lovely day, despite the weather……just hoping now for a good nights sleep. Let’s hope Winston stays in his own room and leaves me in peace in my little single bed!!!

Merry Christmas…M&A and Sir Winston xxx

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