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Zante: Day 13 - 12.09.16…………..Where's our lunch?

We had anticipated a very windy night but surprisingly all was calm in the M&A apartment except for Maice's arms and one leg that had been subjected to heat rash and Angela's boobs that were slightly on the pink side due to a bit of topless sunbathing so we were both desperately trying not to itch various parts of our body!

On our list for today it said 'early morning swim' but we decided against that due to our itchiness and had a well earned lie-in instead. Breakfast was the usual parfait, cheese and melba toast and then we packed our beach bags and headed off to our usual spot on the beach.

Temperatures were really good today, the sort where you can lie in the sun without overheating. At lunch time just as we were about to head up to the taverna for lunch, we were beaten to it by passengers from the glass bottom boat trip from Kefalonia. So we sat down again and waited. About half an hour later we descended upon the taverna, found a table and waited to be served. Miss Happiness, the waitress, who we have yet to see smile chose to ignore us and served everyone else around us, so we got our cards out and thought we'd play rummy until she came with the menu. Well, she didn't arrive and so Maice went to fetch one and then we had to wait for our order to be taken, this time by the owner. Having overdosed on Greek salad, in particular, the onions, I fancied something different, so we opted for the cold dips selection and two beers. The beers arrived but there was no sight of our cold dips. Eventually I went in search of our lunch only to be told they were 'just doing it now'! Considering we were now virtually the only people in the taverna and all they had to do was scoop the cold dips onto the plate, they had obviously forgotten to do it. When it arrived it looked most unappetising, but we ate it, managed to catch the attention of Miss Happiness for the bill, put the money of the table and waited, and waited and waited for our change. Two and a half hours later we returned to our sunbed's! Honestly the service was absolutely appalling so we are not going back their again. We decided to leave the beach in case they came asking for money for the sunbed's. The last thing we wanted to do was pay for the sunbed's when we’d had such poor service in their taverna. It now goes down in history as the worst ever lunch and the worst ever service we have received on this holiday.

It was now 3.16pm precisely.........we know this because we wanted to see how long it took to walk back to the apartments. Mind you, we have been trying to time ourselves for the past three days but we keep forgetting to check the time when we get back. As we were walking along the road we decided instead to carry on to the Bliss Bar for a coffee where we also ended up having two more beers and a continuation of our rummy tournament. Well, can you believe it....I have clawed back the 1,000 points I was behind and actually gone into the lead. Ecstatic. I doubt it will last long.....but at least I still hold the record for the highest score with 245 points!

We eventually left the bar, went back to the apartments, showered, sat on the balcony, poured ourselves a few G&T's and continued our game of rummy. Maice now back in the lead!

Tonight we are going to the Memories taverna along the high road. We feel a bit obliged as there is this young Greek girl who stands outside the taverna desperately trying to get people in, so we thought we'd help her out, mind you they do give you a free giraff-aki of wine!

We had a lovely meal but both feeling a bit full we decided to go home the long way, to walk our supper off, did a bit of blogging, did a bit of reading and then it was lights out. Tomorrow is our penultimate day in resort so we aim to make the most of it by starting off with an early morning swim. That is of course is we don't feel like another lie-in!

Καλή νύχτα …

Μ&Α xx

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