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Devon: Day 5 – 27.12.17…………..All good things must end!

We thought we were dreaming but we woke to kidding! After three days of rain we actually had blue skies. Amazing!

This being our last morning, we had to be out by 10am so we became very industrious, packing, cleaning and making breakfast. We had hoped the car would be quite empty on the journey back as we'd eaten and drunk a lot of what we'd brought but for some reason we were just as laden as we were when we arrived. Goodness knows why as we'd only acquired an extra pair of boots and a jumper and we were wearing both items!

We set off at 09.59am in the direction of Dartington. We'd passed a big craft village there so thought we'd stop off en route. Thankfully all we bought were two cappuccinos and then we were back on the road again. It's only a couple of hours drive back to Upwey but for some unknown reason the traffic was dreadful and Maice was finally dropped off at her place at 4pm. Okay, we did stop off at The Hive for another cappuccino and a sandwich but six hours to get home is rather excessive!

I suppose now is the time to introduce you to Marvin, our new friend. Maice ‘rescued’ him from the RSPCA shop in Dartmouth and he's been everywhere with us as you’ll see from the photos…..and look how happy he looks! Remember, a Marvin is for life, not just for Christmas and I can report back that he has settled in nicely with Maice in his new home.

We're back for a few days then off to Budapest on Saturday........please let it be sunny!

M.A.M. (Maice Angela Marvin)

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